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As the cameras fade in from black, we find ourselves on the Comm section of the local stardock. The lone figure seen is one Wizard Merlin, relegated to the graveyard shift of Comm Station duty…..remember, the rest of the crew is either dead or still on medical leave trying to mend from the recent devastation.

We can see where Merlin’s eyelids are very heavy, obviously he’s been hitting the Romulan Ale again…and possibly the late hour as well…….

Just as his chin hits the desk the comm speaker SCREAMS to life. The Wizard flings awake so violently he flips the chair he’s sitting in backwards and nearly passes out from the concussion of hitting his head on the floor of the station. The voice we can hear emanating from the now nearly non-functional speaker is that of Supreme General Rayegun.

Let’s join the conversion……

[RAYEGUN]: Damnit, who the hell is manning Comms!!! Answer me you sleaze ball or you’ll be scooping shit at the Democratic Convention from now till eternity!

[MERLIN]: Ummm, ummm….{shakes his head to try and clear his addled brain} Merlin here General. Ummm, uhhhh….Can I assist you with something?

[RAYEGUN]: MERLIN!! What the hell are YOU doing on Comms? And have you been hitting the Romulan Ale AGAIN????

[MERLIN]: Ummm, ummm….uhhhh, No sir. {prays that is the correct answer}
And after the little war as well as the fall of the Pegasus it’s been a bit scarce to find qualified comm techs to watch the subspace channels and all.

[RAYEGUN]: Fine. {Merlin wipes his sweat-ridden brow} Where’s Darth? He needs to be made aware that I’ve finally returned from my extended TDY in the Gamma Quadrant.

[MERLIN]: Ummm, he’s unavailable at this time General, sir.

[RAYEGUN]:WHATTTT!!!!!! {the comm speaker nearly explodes from the console}
Well be sure he gets the message as soon as he is AVAILABLE!! I’ll be in my office if anything comes in.

[MERLIN]: Ummm, {hic} yessir.

[RAYEGUN]: MERLINNNNNNNNN!!!!!! {cameras and sound fades to black}

Yes folks, I’m back from a rather unplanned extended absence. There’s been quite a bit going on down here at the Southern HQ. First of which is that much like Darth, the General’s residence is in the process of changing locations. This is due to the impending nuptials next month (kinda also the reason for my disappearance). I won’t go into too many details here, but the General is a very happy camper again. The big day is July 25, 2009. The new Generalette-to-be is like-minded and would happily laugh at any of the “52 percenters” and their so-called “change”. She is also an elementary school teacher of almost 20 years who absolutely hates what the federal guvmint has done to ruin the education system.

After a week-long honeymoon in Hawaii, I will be posting much more frequently. For now, be on the lookout for some stuff that has been annoying the crap out of me. I’m sure you can guess what it concerns.

Keep the comm channels open.

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5 responses to “As we rejoin our show, already in progress…”

  1. David Hartung says:

    May the Lord bless you and your betrothed, and may he grant you strong faith and many happy years together.

    My lovely bride and I will celebrate 29 years together on August 29. I pray that you have at least that many years.

    I recommend you stay away from Waikiki, instead stay at Turtle Bay.

  2. Thank you so much David.

    We’re staying on the Big Island David. On the Kona side. The fiance has been to Hawaii before a couple of times since her brother (who is former Army satellite comm) was stationed there a few times and she went over to visit him and got to see several of the islands. We decided to go to the Big Island since that was one she hasn’t seen yet.

    As for the longevity thing, her parents are still together after 56 years of marriage. Her older sister is still married after 29 years also. And her brother is still married after 18-19 years as well. On my side, my parents celebrate their 50th next weekend. We’re praying that with all that Godly marital blessing floating around, we’ll be annointed as well.

    Thanks again for your prayers and well wishes.

  3. David Hartung says:

    You do realize that your staff photo reconnaissance specialist will be expected to post appropriate pictures?

  4. David, that order was handed out by myself personally less than 15 minutes after I asked her to marry me.

    Now, it seems that the Generalette-to-be has pulled some strings within my own ranks and has also commandeered another member of the recon staff…..seems she has ordered a junior staffer who is a video specialist to make sure the day would not be occupied with anything else.

    What can I say??? 🙂

  5. David Hartung says:

    Sounds as if you are indeed a fortunate man.

    Be careful, something tells me that you don’t want Darth’s Klingon chaplain officiating at the wedding. 🙂

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