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Time to get serious.

For those who haven’t had time to catch this, H.R. 2454 (aka, the Waxman-Markey energy bill) is the nefarious plan to tax America into oblivion. All under the auspices of “going green”. I could spend hours typing in the overview of this beatdown of a bill, but just go here to check it out.

Even the Wall Street Journal is saying this thing is a bad idea.

Even more surprising is that the Can’tBeStuck (in last place) networks are chiming in with this interesting piece about the energy and health reform bills. Color me slightly shocked once I read that article.

Folks, the time to get involved is now. The Generalette-to-be and I have already written our House rep to say vote “HELL NO” on the energy bill. You should do the same. Or start stockpiling cash cause any form of energy, from your electric to the gas for your car/truck/SUV/RV/Hummer is going to chew into more of your monthly budget. Like starting tomorrow!


UPDATE (1015 hours): Seems the weasel Demonscum have added 100 341 (H/T to David) pages to this bill overnight in order to “pork up” the bill. This is pathetic people. Get out there and let your House reps know they need to vote “NO”.

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4 responses to “Cap-n-trade, errr… Cap-n-TAX gone mad (UPDATE UPDATED)”

  1. David Hartung says:

    One of the disadvantages of moving into the Mississippi Delta is that my congress critter is a bonfide left wing, welfare loving, private sector hating, FOBO (Friend Of Barack Obama). It was probably a complete waste of time, but I have written him twice in the past 36 hours, expressing my opinion.

    By the time this bunch is through, the Southern Command may have to go into deep cover.

  2. Alan K. Henderson says:

    Not one hundred extra pages – three hundred and nine.

  3. Yeah, I saw that Alan. The Generalette-to-be has been in contact with out House rep almost constantly since this travesty passed on Friday. Down here in the Southern HQ neck of the woods, our House rep has estimated (these are just early estimates mind you) that our COSTS we pay on energy-related items is going to up ON AVERAGE by $3,000 PER HOUSEHOLD, average increase on electricity would be $600 per year (referenced here).

    Folks, get your checkbooks out….ACORN/SEIU/The BrownShirts/Al-Obambi SS are coming for it and they want EVERYTHING YOU GOT!

    Hey you dimwitted 52 percenters, is THIS the G-D CHANGE you WANTED??????????????

  4. Actually Alan, I heard on the Glenn Beck TV show from today (06/29/09) that the final page count ended up as 341.

    Not that anyone had the chance to read the original thousand pages, let alone the 341 that were the amendments.

    BTW folks, if you are a homeowner you’re really gonna get screwed if this bill passes the Senate. Because when you go to sell your house, a FEDERAL inspector will have to come in (at YOUR expense) and determine if your house is energy efficient enough to sell. Oh, and the standards they are going to use….2009 CALIFORNIA Residential Building Code standards. Regardless of whether your home is actually in Cali or not. If your house fails the inspection, YOU have to spend the money to get it up to standards then RE-PAY to have the inspector come back in to reinspect. Lovely huh?

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