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Denizens, the next time you get into a silly little argument with an environ-mental case truther – you know, one of those OwlBore don-the-kneepad types who whiningly insist that “the debate is OVAH!!!!!” -

(Incidentally, I call it a “silly little argument” for this reason:  it’s like trying to teach a pig to sing…it profits you little and annoys the pig.)

- try this little experiment with them.  (I got this from LCrightismightNY over at the Rott, but it’s merely a reminder of something I’ve been saying now for years.)

Get a glass and fill it with ice.  Tell the enviro-truther:  “Okay, now this will represent the planet.  The ice will represent the ice at the North Pole.”

Fill the glass to the top with water.  Tell the truther:  “Now, the ice sticking out of the water here will be the polar ice caps.”

According to their own dumb-assed philosophy, when the ice melts, the water will overflow the sides of the cup.  Make sure you point this out to the enviro-nutcase.

Spend the next 30 to 45 minutes demonstrating to the enviro-truther what a flaming dumbshit  he/she is.  Great hilarity should ensue.

This tip comes from a guy who had a stepdaugher who bought into that bullshit, and was unable to convince her otherwise in the limited time I was married to her mother.

Get to ‘em quickly – before they realize they know everything. 

1 Comment to “On dealing with environ-mental cases”

  1. David Hartung — July 6, 2009 @ 7:26 am

    Environmentalists do not base their views on fact, but on emotion.

    I once had a scientist involved in climate research admit to me that the scientific community can’t prove that the earth is warming, but she believes that it is, and that we must reduce our carbon output to reduce the phenomena that she can’t demonstrate is actually there.

    When our scientists take this sort of stand, how on earth can you expect the laypeople to be rational on the subject?

    By the way, if you check this out(http://tinyurl.com/oesbuj), you will find that water vapor is by far the biggest cause of the green house effect. Not only that, without the green house effect, our earth would be uninhabitable.

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