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And so it begins.

Union thugs & goons attacked senior citizens and other protestors last night at townhall meetings in Tampa & St. Louis.

This comes on the heels of Al-Obambi encouraging their brownshirts to “punch back twice as hard” against America’s citizens during these meetings.

You people who’ve wrung your hands in angst every time one of us mentions a second civil war?&#160 Think this all can be resolved sans&#160 bloodshed and violence now?

War is coming, people.&#160 Bank on it, and prepare.

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2 responses to “Demoscum cross the point of no return”

  1. David Hartung says:

    I find it somewhat amazing that our not-so-illustrious “Communist in chief” can say the things he dies with a straight face.

    To those who are giving the Democrats a hard time, I say; Keep it up!

    To the Republicans: Grow a backbone.

    To Sarah: Go Sarah!

    My issues with Newty notwithstanding, I am about to think that the best Republican ticket in 2012 just might be Palin/Gingrich.

    By the way, has anyone read Heinlein’s “Revolt in 2012”?

  2. David Hartung says:

    My apologies, the 2012 reference by Heinlein was n the Book Methuselah’s children. It was the year that Nehemiah Scudder became the dictator of the USA. In Heinlein’s universe, Scudder was a religious dictator, but isn’t the brand of Barak H (Nehemiah Scudder) Obama’s philosophy not the religion of Secular Humanism?

    Perhaps Heinlein was more prophetic that he realized?

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