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That was just flat-out inexcusable.

Arlington Heights 57, South Hills 0

#7 TCU 38, at #16 BYU 7

UBuffalo 31, at Western Michigan 34 (OT)

#25 Oklahoma 35, at #21 Kansas 13

at Nebraska 7, Iowa State 9

at Dallas 37, Atlanta 21

There’s no writeup I could find for Jackets-Scorpions, but what I did find was that Omar Valadez was four-of-seven for 158 yards; Marquis Jackson caught 2 balls for 78 yards and a touchdown, and also carried twice for 24 yards, amd Michael Jacobs ran eight times for 55 yards.  Dennis Brooks also caught two passes for 80 yards and two touchdowns.

The Heights defense held South Hills to 84 total yards.

I guess I should be grateful that UBuffalo at least got to overtime against W. Michigan on the road.

AJ Principe kicked a 28-yard field goal as regulation expired, then the Bulls could muster nothing on their possession in overtime, and John Rachuna missed a 43-yard FG attempt.  WMU’s John Potter ended things with a 28-yard field goal.

Zac Maynard had a career day in the loss, going 26-51-327 and a touchdown, but also had two picks.  Ike Nduka had 172 yards and 3 touchdowns on 18 carries.

Defense was the story of the day for the Oklahoma Sooners, as they picked off Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing on the Jayhawks first three possessions – one of those a pick six where Reesing not only telegraphed his pass, but hesitated as if to ask OU corner Dominique Franks, “OK, Dom, you ready?”

Landry Jones was 26-38-252 with a couple of touchdowns, and the running game fared a little better this week than against TU, going for 85 yards, lead by Chris Brown with 66 on 22 carries and two TDs.

Okay, call him a two-hit wonder.

Miles Austin followed up his record-setting monster game with six catches for 171 yards – one a nice little 59-yard bomb – as the C’boys overcame two Atlanta touchdown drives at the beginning of each half.

Romo went 21-29-311 with three touchdowns (two to Austin) – and, more importantly, no interceptions.  And he looked like the Romo of old during the first-half two-minute drill, bumping off Falcon defenders like a pinball en route to a short five-yard TD pass to Patrick Crayton.

Crayton would also contribute on special teams, taking a punt in the fourth quarter and streaking, literally untouched, for a 73-yard score.  All of this after he lost his #2 receiver position, then his job returning punts (he was there in the fourth because Allen Rossum, signed by the Pokes last week, suffered an injured hammy earlier).

Perhaps he should be demoted like that more often.

The defense also helped out, gathering two picks and sacking Atlanta QB Matt Ryan four times after Ryan had gone 143 pass attempts without getting dumped.

It was the Cowboys’ best effort and most complete game in a while.  One hopes they can keep it going.

Eight turnovers.  Five of them in the fucking red zone.  Four of those  inside the Cyclone five.

A punt team asleep at the switch on fourth-and-five, allowing a 20-yard fake punt.  A defense that allowed a 47-yard TD bomb on the very next play.

And it results in losing for the first time at home in thirty-two (32) fucking years  to a team without its two best offensive weapons.

All on the heels of that embarrassment last week at the hands of Losers Signs Guns Up U.

There was no fucking excuse for these last two piece-of-shit lackings of effort by the Cornhuskers.  And, as much as I’ve sung his praises for the last five years or so…Bo Pelini, this is all on you.

It would be one thing if Roy Helu or Don Robinson or Zac Lee lost these turnovers against the T-Sip Shortdicks or the VaTech Hokies or the Miami Hurricanes.  You could justify letting them continue to play then.

But this was against Iowa Fucking State™, for Cthulu’s sake.  Screw something up against them, these stupid little snot-noses should sit for the rest of the damned day!   Yet you let them continue to play and continue to commit clusterfuck after clusterfuck after clusterfuck.

What the hell does that say about you as a head coach, Bo?

The Huskers outgained the Cyclones 362 to 239 (248-102 passing), but let Iowa State outrush them 137-114.

One-thirty-seven to one-fourteen.

Chew on that for a second.  The preeminent college football rushing attack of the 20th century let itself get outgained at home by the second-worst team in its own league.

Pelini, son, you need to take a looooooooong, hard look at what you’re wanting to accomplish at the University of Nebraska, and how you’re going about getting it.  I’ve long been an admirer of yours because of the passion you bring to the game and the program, but at some point you’ve got to show at least a modicum of competence.  And in the Big XII, that means beating pansy-assed programs like Iowa State.  Especially at home.

Otherwise, why the hell did we fire Bill Callahan, hm?

Well, Denizens?  WITY?

I seem to remember saying something like this back in September or so:

Lookit. You (Oklahoma) just lost to a vastly inferior team. TCU’s gonna take these pussies and beat the shit out of them in Provo in October

And after the obligatory TCU three-and-out, that’s exactly what the Frogs did.  The Christians jumped out to a 21-0 lead before a Mormon drive before the end of the first half.  One of those drives was aided by a little Smurf Turf State razzle-dazzle-type play:

After taking a 7-0 lead on a 4-yard run by Joseph Turner, the Frogs caught the Cougars by surprise with a reverse pitch pass deep in their own territory. Receiver Jeremy Kerley looked like he was going to throw the ball away and avoid a big loss when he spotted Jimmy Young open near midfield and threw it for a 44-yard gain.

Patterson said he wasn’t paying attention when one of his assistants called the trick play.

“They must have known to do it on first down because that way I wouldn’t veto it,” Patterson said.

(As an aside, I find it somewhat strange that, after their late-first-half TD drive, BYU didn’t keep shredding the TCU secondary.  But I imagine that, with their behemoth back Harvey Unga, they figured they could gash the Froggies at will.)

In the second half, Andy Dalton found Antoine Hicks for a 75-yard bomb to make it 31-7, then TCU would recover a Maxine Hall fumble off a sack, whereupon Dalton would lead another scoring drive for the final margin.

Dalton was 13-24-241, and Matthew Tucker & Joseph Turner would lead the Frogs rushing attack with 42 and 36 yards, respectively, part of a 127-yard ground effort.

One note that’ll shock at least one of the Denizens here:  I’m about to admit that the refs were a bit kinder to TCU than they should’ve been – particularly on one play.

Third quarter, third and a country mile, Maxine Hall rolls out, throws the pass (it was incomplete) – then fell to the ground as he was tripped up by all-everything defensive end Jerry Hughes – who took at least three steps, then dived to get to Hall.

Sound like a gripe I’ve made before?

TCU caught a break there.  Hughes should’ve been flagged for that.  He & the Frogs were fortunate that Hall didn’t pull a hammy or wrench a knee there.

But fate seems to be smiling on this bunch.  For now, anyway.

This week:  4-2.  Overall:  29-15.

The PFW will reconvene on Friday, at which time we’ll once again explain the concept of “attaboy/awshit”.

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