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If you watched the Super Bowl (congratulations, Saints!&#160 The C’boys are still&#160 better than you), you no doubt saw (and, if you’re like me, were majorly offended by) this commercial:

This moron seems to think it was a potshot at him and his ilk.

At first blush this seems like more teabagging—appealing to angry white men with the same old stereotype of environmentalists as meddling do-gooders obsessed with picayune behavioral sins.

I didn’t see it that way.&#160 I saw it as Audi trying to shove “green-ism” down my throat & out my piehole.

And, given that we’re living in a society where the old-fashioned lightbulb has been outlawed, that’s got me seeing an RCOB&#153 Right About Now&#153.

Congratulations, Audi.&#160 You’ve managed to guarantee that at least one person will never buy your POS excuses-for-cars.

Join Government Motors & Chrysler, right over there on the ashheap of history.&#160 Because that’s where you’re headed.

As for you pussies in the “green police”

You may end up taking me down.&#160 But so help me Cthulu, I’ll have a fucking honor guard.

That, you can fucking take to the bank.&#160

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4 responses to “Audi and the “green police” can kiss my ass.”

  1. HDD says:

    Congratulations! You’re now one of the Easily Offended (For No Reason Division).

    Don’t worry. I’ll let myself out.

  2. Congratulations! You’re now one of the Easily Offended

    Yeah, well – I tend to think I’m in good company.

  3. Alan K. Henderson says:

    I loved the ad. Whatever Audi’s intentions were, it made the Pleistocene Liberation Organization enviros look like the villains that they are.

    (For those not familiar with geologic history, the Pleistocene – from the evolutionist and old-Earth-creationist perspective – was the epoch just before that when humans first appeared.)

  4. Alan K. Henderson says:

    Trivia: Audi is HQ’ed in Ingolstadt, Germany, which also happens to be the ancestral home of the Bavarian Illuminati. Feel free to invent your own conspiracy theories.

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