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Pooooooooooooooooooor widdle Howie Stern.

I mean, you really gotta feel for him…don’t you?&#160 Here he is, ripping Infinity (or was it Clear Channel?) and the FCC for constantly censoring him and fining him, and how, now that he was finally&#160 leaving the FCC’s jurisdiction, how he was gonna be free to…well…be himself.

And then Sirius has to go and pull the very same stunt.

Howard Stern may curse the day he decided to leave terrestrial radio and jump to Sirius – the satellite broadcaster is taking steps to censor the shock jock.

Well, that&#160 certainly didn’t take long.&#160 Think it might have been one too many “Hard over, Mr. Sulu!!!”s aimed at new announcer Georgie Takei? (snicker)

The morning drive-time radio host said he left terrestrial radio because he was fed up with censorship by individual stations and FCC fines for indecency. Now, in what must be a painful irony for Stern, Sirius executives are developing an internal document that will set boundaries for his show.

Stern’s new show is also being broadcast with a time-delay that facilitates censoring, the New York Post reports.

Wellllllll, dang.&#160 Just dang.&#160 (chortle)

It’s not clear if Stern knew he would be subject to guidelines regarding indecency when he signed on with Sirius, according to the Post.

Oh, you’re damned right this blindsided him.&#160 As much as he was touting the show as “Howard Uncensored”?&#160 You guys had best fucking believe widdle Howie thought the shackles were coming off for good.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, IYAM.

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3 responses to “Wow, that was quick”

  1. Blackiswhite says:

    If he ever said anything that rose above lockeroom attempts at humor and self-aggrandizing tripe, then I might feel a little bit compelled to share his outwage. BOOOHOO.
    Jerkoff makes more in an hour than I’ll make in years, and I’m supposed to feel bad when the powers that write his check don’t want every other word to be !@@#%^#@!. Tough pill to swallow.

  2. Peter Bland says:

    Yeah, I am sure that he is crying all over his piles of cash.

    $500,000,000 alleviates worry jest a tad.

    Lot of money for a retarded monkey with a microphone, if you think about it.

  3. He’s nothing but a low-down, double-dealing, backstabbing, larcenous perverted worm!

    (fans of this film will get the joke – the line is a remark said of a character named Sternn)


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