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Amazingly enough, I have found myself defending the current occupant of the White House.

The American people, with their usual short sightedness, have begun to ask why Obama hasn’t stopped the flow of oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The answer is simple. Obama is by training and experience a lawyer, a community organizer, a law school lecturer, and (very limited) a politician. None of these skills have given him the necessary knowledge or abilities to go 5,000 feet under the ocean and stop the flow of oil from a blown out well.

I have no doubt that those who have this expertise are working their little butts off trying to fix the porblem in the Gulf. The best thing we can do is to leave them alone and allow them to get on with busuness.

Whether it be by choice, or indecision, Obama has done just that. He has stayed out of the way, and should be commended for doing so.

2 Comments to “Never Thought This Would Happen!”

  1. Supreme General Rayegun — May 31, 2010 @ 10:16 am

    Except for one small detail.

    Someone PLEASE smack Sec. Salazar about a hundred times with a clue bat!!! PLEASE.

    1) Sec. Salazar is oh so very keen to be sure the Communist News Network and all the other lapdog media outlets understand that he will keep his “boot on the throat of BP”. Uhhhh, Sec. Salazar then why is it that your own Department of Materials Management Service can’t even follow their own regs and have the requisite amount of fire boom avaialable as per your own damn Oil Protection Act requires??????

    2) Said same lapdog media is frothing at the bit screaming that “the government needs to take control, the government needs to take control” Yo dipshits, who does the U.S. Coast Gaurd report to? Yo Yo dipshits, who does MMS report to??? BP has to clear EVERYTHING they do short of wiping it’s ass with one or both of those agencies. Or is that just a details that ain’t worthy of mentioning on your Communist News Networks or PMSNBC???

    3) Gov. Bobby Jindal, sir, you need to get a farking clue just as bad as Sec. Salazar. Do you even farking realize how many farking MILES 3,000,000 (aka MILLION) feet of boom is? FYI. it’s enough to cover your ENTIRE STATE COASTLINE NEARLY TWICE. Considering there have only been SEVEN confirmed shoreline impacts since the BEGINNING of this incident, Gov. Jindal your request is hereby considered as exceedingly wasteful. And while you’re at it, we get the “SHO ME DA MUNEE” mantra. The other 47 continental states get it, your state is corrupt and has the biggest entitlement attitude of all FIFTY states. Drop the mantra, it’s all played out.

    3) Al-Obambi, putting the LARGEST oil and gas producer in the UNITED STATES out of business with the jackboot thug mentality ain’t gonna get you or your McHopenchange cronies re-elected. Especially when your myoptically short-sighted policies have gasoline prices higher than the oh-so eeeeeee-vil Bush Administrations were. Smart, real farking smart. Also, stopping drilling in Alaska because of the Gulf? Who’s farking brilliant plan was that? Piglousy? Dingy Harry? Or Rahm-it-down-their-throat?? Or some entity slightly more nefarious, such as GOVERNMENT ELECTRIC? Better be careful, your transparency and most honest administration in history is showing……

  2. David Hartung — May 31, 2010 @ 10:38 am


    a Very pertinent post sir! When I referred to those with the expertise, by definition, that excludes just about anyone in Federal service, as well as any and all elected or appointed officials.

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