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This team has problems.

Dallas 16, at San Diego 14

Pittsburgh 24, at NY Football Douchebags 17

The D-bags should be very good up front.&#160 And very average in the secondary.

Bennie “Ididn’tdoitnobodysawmedoityoucan’tproveanything” Rothelisberger got his feet wet – 6-8 for 76 and a pick – but Byron “Statue” Leftwich torched the NY secondary for a 68-yard bomb to Mike Wallace for a score, part of an 80-yard night for him.

Yeah, it’s preaseason.&#160 Yeah, they’re banged up.&#160 Yeah, it’s a vanilla game plan.

Jimmy’s C’boys used to take the attitude of “You know what’s coming – try and stop it”.&#160 (Worked, too, as I recall.)

The ‘Boys had one decent drive by the first unit, and one good drive by Kitna and the scrubbies (including a good series by Martellus Bennett, whom I didn’t think would play), plus a safety on a sack/fumble in the end zone in the fourth quarter.

Defense is gonna have&#160 to carry this bunch for the first few weeks.&#160 The offense ain’t gettin’ it done.

The PFW will return Friday for one last practice round before they start counting for real week after next.

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3 responses to “PFW:&#160 Now&#160 it’s time to panic”

  1. David Hartung says:

    In about 18 months, I will add a new son-in-law to the family. His family hails from St Lois, the city of Anheuser Busch and The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. As I understand, his favorite team is the St Louis Rams, and whoever is playing the Cowboys! 🙂

  2. Then he’s not going to have very many Perfect Football Weekends™ anytime soon, is he? 😀

  3. David Hartung says:

    Actually, when I got home last evening, I discovered that I had made a mistake. Bobby’s favorite NFL teams are the Rams, and whoever is playing the Colts. It seems that he does not care for Mr. Mannning.

    Although, he does not seem to think very highly of either Dallas or Green Bay.

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