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Dingy Harry Reid must be suspecting that Dr. YEARRRRRRGH!!! is either planning on resigning as Demoscummic head, or is at the very least vulnerable to a coup.&#160 Because he’s sticking his feet in his mouth almost with Dean-like regularity nowadays in what looks for all the world like at attempt to take over as head of the Party of Asses.

His latest verbal excrement came yesterday in an interview with the Assphyxiated Piss.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid called President Bush “dangerously incompetent” on Wednesday and said the administration ought to be doing more to prevent increasing sectarian violence in Iraq.

Actually, we agree.&#160 We here in the Realm&#153 propose that you and the rest of the Donktards in Congress volunteer to go and take the place of the Iraqi citizens.

That way, the Iraqis could be spared, the terrorists could have someone to practice their jihad on and America would be rid of its problems, as well.&#160 Everybody’s happy.

“Where is (Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice? Why isn’t she over in the Middle East, as the chief diplomat of this country should be, trying to get the political forces to form a government over there?” Reid told The Associated Press.

Maybe it’s because she’s needed over here to counter each & every single piece of putrid bullshit you people are spewing from your skanky pieholes, Harry.&#160 Ever consider that?

Or would that be too much for your remaining one-quarter brain cell to fathom?

Reid said the U.S. was “failing three different ways in Iraq.” Military efforts have lagged,

…for which the Demoscum’s solution is to cut & run…

the economy is crippled by decreased oil and electricity production,

…for which the Demoscum’s solution is to cut & run…

and attempts to form a representative government are behind schedule, he said.

…for which the Demoscum’s solution is to cut & run.

Gee, I’m beginning to notice a pattern here.

The White House did not return calls seeking comment. Rice last visited Iraq in November and she is currently in the Bahamas meeting with Caribbean trade bloc members. She also traveled this month to Australia, South America and Asia, and visited the Middle East in February.

Which proves she’s the Secretary of State&#160 – not the Secretary of Dingy Harry Reid’s Personal Whim.

Reid criticized Bush for a series of recent appearances in key political states in which the president defended his Iraq war policies.

“Why isn’t he spending time with these leaders in the Middle East trying to get this government formed?” Reid said.

Why should he, Dingy Assclown?&#160 Were he doing that, you’d no doubt find some other fault for which to criticize him, so why shouldn’t&#160 he follow his own agenda, instead of catering to every little Donk fuck who bitches and moans?

Reid also criticized Bush’s statement Tuesday that his successor in the White House would likely be responsible for deciding when U.S. troops leave Iraq.

“To me it shows how dangerously incompetent he is,” Reid said. “‘Stay the course, mission accomplished, bring ’em on’ — the American people are sick of that. We need to change course in Iraq. … I think the president burying his head in the sand is not going to do the trick.”

Except he hasn’t stuck his head in the sand, Reid, you tepid little tumblefuck.&#160 He’s stayed the course, accomplished the mission, taken the best you and your honeyboy Islamofucks in Iraq have had to offer, and not only stayed upright, but won the ’04 election against your butt-buddy John-boy F’n Qetchup-ass.

Sucks to be you, doesn’t it, Dingy Harry?

Reid described conditions in Iraq as “low-grade civil war.”

“I don’t know how you define civil war. We know they’re killing an average of 50 Iraqis a day. At least it’s a low-grade civil war,” he said.

“Don’t know how [we] define civil war”, eh, dipshit?

Tell you what.&#160 I’ll make you a deal:&#160 If it’s a definition of “civil war” you want, then go ahead and prod your honeyboys over at MoveOn.org and all of Mikey Fatfuck’s little protest weasels to start that revolution you asshats have been promising us for lo these last six years or so.

I think you’ll find more than just a few of us who’ll be happy to give you a full demonstration of just what the term “civil war” really means.

Go ahead, O Dingy Fuck – bring it on.&#160 We’ll be waiting, you mousy little pansy-ass.

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