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For a second straight day, snot-nosed chickenshit punks showed their asses in downtown Dallas.

Hundreds of students stormed Dallas City Hall on Tuesday morning, forcing police officers to shut down the building’s elevators and corral rowdy protesters in the lobby.

Probably a good thing I wasn’t there.&#160 A few dozen of those whiny-assed brats might’ve gotten hurt.

At least one girl was seriously injured en route to the protest in a vehicle accident.

Sorry, no sympathy.&#160 Disobey the rules, see what happens to you.

But just watch – the bimbo’s asshole parents will probably sue the school district now.

As dozens of police poured onto the premises, the students were forced back outside, where they screamed choruses of “We won’t go” and “Si, se puede” – Spanish for “Yes, we can.” Several protesters were painted in red and green, and others wore T-shirts with slogans supporting their cause. Several said their parents supported their participation.

Which only goes to show that they should’ve been prohibited from breeding in the first place.&#160 It’s fuckheads like these that make me almost want to listen to Kate Michelman.

“Everybody is here for the issue,” said Fernando Torres, 15, who attends Pinkston High School in Dallas. “They brought flags, made posters and wrote things on their shirts. They wouldn’t do that just to miss school.”

Uh, shithead?&#160 Yes they would.&#160 Stage one of these protests in 35 degrees, a biting wind and a hard rain and let’s see how viva Mejico&#160 you brats are, hm?

At one point, Dallas Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Elba Garcia left the voting agenda meeting upstairs to address the crowd of teenagers, perching on a police car and shouting over a loudspeaker.

“You have been heard loud and clear,” Garcia told them. “And it’s very important that we spread this message in peace. We’re waiting for the buses to take you back to school.”

But the buses did not arrive until about midday – and the students, many from the Dallas and Irving school districts, were in no rush. With Mexican flags waving, they leaped into the City Hall reflecting pool, soaking themselves and their backpacks, and climbed over the modern art sculpture in the center.

Oh, yeah.&#160 They’re protesting,&#160 all right.

“You cannot tell them not to speak out,” Garcia said later.

Uh, Elba, baby?&#160 Si, tu puedes.&#160 Moreover, you abdicated your responsibility as a government official, sworn to keep the peace, by not doing just that.

Then again, both you and hubby Domingo are LULAC’s putas,&#160 and these kids weren’t white conservative Christians, so it’s “let’m say whatever they want”, is that it?

“The only thing we can do is make sure they do it peacefully.”

Wrong,&#160 bimbette.&#160 You can drop the hammer on these punks & punkettes and kick their shitty little asses back into school,&#160 that’s what you can do.

It’d require balls, though, so maybe neither you or hubby there are all that qualified.

Tuesday’s walkouts continued the protests in response to proposed legislation that would make it a felony to enter the country illegally or to help illegal immigrants. On Monday, an estimated 1,600 DISD students gathered at the plaza in front of Dallas City Hall.

“We’re informed. We know what’s going on,” said Marcela Martinez, 16, who left The Academy of Irving ISD after first period Tuesday.

Do you now, little girl?&#160 Who’s the president?&#160 The vice-president?&#160 Secretary of State?&#160 Defense?

And seeing as you know everything – everyone your age already knows everything they’re going to need to, after all – tell me what the penalty for truancy is in Texas.&#160 Seeing as you’re “informed” and “know what’s going on”, after all.

“This country is filled with immigrants.

Yeah it is.&#160 And most of them got here legally&#160 and earned&#160 their citizenship, you stupid bint.

They’re just trying to make our parents and us feel bad about where we came from and that’s not fair.

Awwwwww, whassa matter, widdle babeeeeeee?&#160 Is’ms crying ’cause big, bad, mean Uncle Sugar is telling the truth about your illegal alien&#160 parents?

Mauricio Aquino, 17, said everyone at Irving High School knew about the walkout.

“It’s not that we want to skip school,” he said.


“We want to defend our pride. We don’t want to be seen as criminals.”

Little too late for that now, cabeza de boyo.

Holding a “Viva Mexico” sign, Spruce student Marisol Garcia, 18, said she came to fight for the rights of her parents and family members, who were seeking a better life in this country.

“People are here for the issue,” she said. “A lot of them have parents here illegally, and they want change.”

Actually, I’d be in favor of change, myself.

The law now says if aliens have a kid born here, that kid’s an American citizen.&#160 Lotta aliens come here for that very reason – so madre&#160 can drop her squid on this side of the Rio Grande.

I’d favor changing the law to send the kids back to Mexico with the parents.&#160 Can’t break up the family, y’know. (snicker)

Grand Prairie school district spokesman Sam Buchmeyer students who left campuses would not be allowed back in class Tuesday and must bring a parent to be readmitted Wednesday.

If Grand Prairie were smart, they’d have INS agents there, too.

Just in case.

Jason Cisneros, 14, said he knew he was supposed to leave Lee after first period.

“Maybe George Bush will know that he’s hurting us and let us have equal rights,” he said. “Christopher Columbus discovered America and he was from Spain, so it was our home first.”

So much for being “informed” and knowing “what’s going on”.&#160 Columbus was from Italy.

See what happens when you cut class?


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2 responses to “¡¡¡Vaya a casa,&#160brats!!!”

  1. What’s “F.E.J.F.E.” in Spanish?


  2. Well, according to FreeTranslation.com, it translates to “jóda quelos acaben de los joder”. (grin)

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