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When one does something new, and wants to maximize the chances of success, one smart move is always to look at how other successful people have done the same thing. In our world, the most successful people in the airport security business have long been the Israelis. To me it would have made sense, after 9/11 to have examined how the Israelis secure their airports.

Why haven’t our brilliant leaders done this?

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5 responses to “Airport Security”

  1. I’m just waiting for someone to bring Janet Schmanet up on charges of assault, invasion of privacy, crimes against the people, and any number of other human rights violations with the measures they have put in force.

    And it seems that this whole load of crap is NOT about terrorist threats on the increase. Nope, it’s about the labor unions getting their kickbacks from forcing Al-Obambi down our collective throats. Yup, just another government organization that has been introduced to the “Chicago way”. Corruption, graft, power mongers, you name it….the TSA is just the newest chapter in big labor greasing the palms of big government which then greases the palms of big labor. And gee, who’s the king of the grease monkeys????

    Do I REALLY have to answer that one???

  2. But to answer your question Vicar, why in bejeebers would this administration want to model ANYTHING after how its done in Israel. Remember that Al-Obmabi has just slightly more disdain for Israel than he does for America itself. IMHO he is doing more to promote the terrorist ways, including Sharia law, here with the “fundamental transformation” he has been ramming down our throats rather that to give on ANY hint of friendship to Israel.

    Yes, Israeli way is CLEARLY the model our transportation security needs to be. But it ain’t happenin’ any time soon under Al-Obambi’s watch. AAMOF, I bet there are quite a few Israelis laughing at how woefully inadequate even these “new and improved” measures are.

    Hope you 43% who think Jugears McHopenchange deserves a second term realize you’re going to be calling each other “comrade” sooner than later with your choices. As for me, I’ll personally go on a one-man crusade to have him impeached and tried in court for treason before I’d vote him in for a second term.

  3. David Hartung says:

    General, maybe His Nastiness needs to detail some of his crack Klingon security troops to show the TSA how it should be done?

  4. First thing they’d do:&#160 Anal probes of the TSA big-wigs…

  5. Personally I’d rather send in the Species 459 on the TSA wonks and then send a few Borg to Janet Schmanet’s office to “talk” about violating our rights. We’ll save the Klingons for more “delicate” situations. Like maybe explaining to the New Black Panthers what the term “intimidation” REALLY means.

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