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Damned union help…


Well, okay.  If y’all insist.

When last we left Our Intrepid Friday Night, Saturday Night & Sunday Afternoon Heroes™, we were six.  We’re now five, which we’ll cover in a moment.  For now, all the first half of the scores are below the fold.

Arlington Heights 33, Western Hills 3

Arlington Heights 45, Dunbar 18

Arlington Heights 49, Saginaw Boswell 52

#4 Texas Christian 48, at UNLV 6

#4 Texas Christian 47, at #6 Utah 7

at #3 Texas Christan 40, San Diego State 35

#4 Texas Christian 66, at New Mexico 17

at #11 Oklahoma 43, Colorado 10

#9 Oklahoma 19, at Texas A&M 33

at #19 Oklahoma 45, Texas Tech 7

#16 Oklahoma 53, at Baylor 24

#14 Oklahoma 47, at #10 Oklahoma State 41

Arlington Heights took District 4A-6 by basically dismantling Western Hills, took a victory lap against Dunbar, and then pulled their typical one-and-done act by laying down on defense the second half and letting the Pioneers come back from a twenty-five (25) point deficit.

That may be the Jackets’ swan song for some time.  All-Galaxy do-everything back Marquis Jackson graduates this year, and while they’ll still have Omar Valadez at QB, to whom he will throw to is a very  good question.

Ged Kates – you’re on this scribe’s shit list (not that anyone’ll lose any sleep over it, I know) until you win a playoff game.  Then again, you might have problems even getting  to the playoffs next year.

The best thing I think that could be said about Gary Patterson’s TCU Horned Frogs is that they’ve turned it up a notch when they’ve absolutely needed to.

They put teams like New Mexico & UNLV away with stretches of good play, they exploded offensively just long enough to beat San Diego State, and they even managed to give pretty much a full 60-minute effort against Utah up in Salt Lake City, which isn’t anything to sneeze at (never mind that Notre Dame demolished the Utes the next week).

The fact is that the Frogs haven’t been as consistently good as they were last year.  They’ve had a few more lapses in focus this year than last, even defensively where they’ve been absolute studs.  They need to get things fixed by the bowl game, else it’ll be a repeat of the Fiesta Bowl in January.

Rinse, lather, repeat.  OU’s not been the juggernaut of the Bradford years, but they’ve suffered a couple of real brain farts – especially the one against Texas Asswipes & Motherfuckers.  Agg-ettes are crowing like dickless roosters over their six-game winning streak since Ryan Tannehill replaced Jerrod Johnson at quarterback, but OU gave them one of those games, and Nebraska…well, more on that in a bit.

The offense came through just in time against Okie State in order to secure the Big XII South.  Good thing, too – the Sooner defense might as well have been a block of Swiss cheese against the Cowboys.

NEXT:  Part II

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