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This is a pisser, Denizens.  Every time there’s something to rant about, it seems that I either lose the urge to write…

MERLIN:  Why don’t you just call it your muse and be done with it?

[Venomous gestures.  Merlin goes flying face first into a bulkhead.]

VENOMOUS:  Any more  dumb-assed questions, Wizard?

MERLIN:  …uh, ow.

…or the day turns into a One-Legged Man™ day.

Which is what’s gone on the last 48 hours.  Three hours sleep (and I’m being generous about that), followed by an 0400 start time at work, followed by a 12-hour shift.

In short, I’m too damned tired to write.

So lemme just repeat a recurring theme:  Demoscum are little pussified douchebags and they suck.

KORRIOTH:  Same song, 34,602,345,089th verse?

[Venomous glares at Korrioth.]

KORRIOTH:  Hey, I’m just saying it’s hard to come up with so many ways to say the same thing.  Even for you.

VENOMOUS:  (shrugs)  Point.  And at least you didn’t say “muse”.

KORRIOTH:  Unlike the (hack, spit) Romulans (hack, spit), we don’t have a word for that.

VENOMOUS:  Mheh.  Okay, enough of trying to cheer me up.  Go take a painstick to our writers and see if they’ve figured out how close they’re gonna cut my beamout from Titanic.

KORRIOTH:  (nods) Aye, sir.

“Muse”, my effin’ arse. 

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