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Time for a massive RCOB™ moment.

The four-lettered network word is reporting that a tin-horned, black-robed bitch of a tyrant-ette who doesn’t know a fucking thing about football has donned her kneepads for DeMaurice Smith’s needle-dick and lifted the NFL lockout.

Fuck you, Susan Dickhead Nelson.

If I’m the NFL owners, I keep the locks on nice & tight, and just dare her to come enforce her pissweaselly excuse-for-a-ruling, if she’s such a hot little shit-ette.

And you NFL player pussies?  Yeah, I’m talking Pay-ton, Mr. Gisele “Tommi Bwady” Bundchen and half-assed hasn’t-proven-shit-yet wannabe Vonn Miller?  How about you douchebags get a real  job in the salt mines of the Real World™ before you go bitching to some shit-for-brains excuse-for-a-judge about how pissy-poor your lot is in life, huh?

Fucking bastards. 

1 Comment to “NFL players pussies:  Hiding behind a tyrant-ette’s black robe”

  1. David Hartung — April 25, 2011 @ 8:41 pm

    So the court supports organized labor, even when the “workers” make seven figure salaries? Only in America.

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