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Denizens, welcome to this week’s edition of the Perfect Football Weekend&#153.

Arlington Heights gets its season ended by Birdville tonight, fifth-ranked Smurf Turf Douchebag State proves once again it can’t beat TCU without their so-called “trickeration” (they’ll win, but they’ll have to use trick plays to do so), sixth-ranked Oklahoma has the week off, so we’ll plug in 18th-ranked Wisconsin at UMinne-haha, 19th-ranked Nebraska is at 12th-ranked Penn State, and Dallas has Beefalo at home on Sunday.

And I’m not pontificating on the games this weekend, because I’ve got a Red Curtain o’ Blood&#153 covering my eyes RightAboutNow&#153, and a certain Filipina bitch – not to mention a lot of other Lame-Assed Media&#153 types – are at the top of my shit list.

Some background.&#160 A damned good man lost his job today, and he lost it for the CARDINAL, UNFORGIVABLE SIN!!!!11!!!ONE!!1!ELEVENTYMILLION!!1!…of following Pennsylvania state law.

I refer, of course, to Joe Paterno.

For the first time in almost a half-century, someone other than Joe Paterno is calling the shots at Penn State.

The winningest coach in major college football history was fired Wednesday night

A good man is now persona non grata&#160 with a great many shitheaded asshats around this country simply because he followed Pennsylvania state law and delivered a second-hand report from an underling about a criminal incident that he did not personally witness.&#160 Paterno went to his athletic director, as he should have done, and reported what he had been told.&#160 Yet, he is being treated as a pariah by those of the Fifth Column&#153 who think they’re entitled to be the moral arbiters of us all.

And whether Joe Paterno was initially told the lurid specifics of that 2002 rape or not, the reports that say that Jerry Sandusky still had access to the locker room, still had an office, and still was entitled to roam the Penn State campus defy all definitions of responsible adult behavior.

What does it take for someone, knowing Sandusky’s questioned past, to go to somebody in charge — the athletic director, the school president, the police — and ask, “What’s that pervert doing near this football team?”

Instead, having failed to expel one-time assistant coach and defensive coordinator Sandusky, the people at Penn State tried to pull a rug over the situation.

Because they could.

What, because you&#160 say so, Gil LeBretard?&#160 And pray tell, what gives you the right to pass judgment over Joe Paterno?&#160 Or any of us, for that matter?

And then there’s that Filipina skank, Michelle “Malicious” Malkin.

And now, it’s college football. The failures to act, the cover up, the rationalizations all echo each other — and also mirror the institutionalized failures, cover ups, and rationalizations of Catholic Church officials who enabled pedophiles to prey on innocent young victims entrusted to their care and oversight across the country.

The systemic enabling of child sexual predators is an unspeakable evil. So is willful ignorance about the sordid details of the case.

The latest developments? It looks like Joe Paterno will get off and get out easy.

Yeah, Malicious?&#160 Tell me – when do you get your&#160 comeuppance for what you did to Rick Perry, hm?&#160 When do you get shunned and frog-marched (as you apparently want to do with JoePa) for whining & sniveling about Tina Brown’s “stupid photo tricks” against your honeygirl, Michelle Bachmann, then four days later did the exact same fucking thing to Governor Perry?

The point, skank, in case you can’t keep up:&#160 Who the hell appointed you, or anyone like you, to be the definitive moral arbiter of all of us?&#160 What gives you, or this pusstard excuse-for-a-police-commissioner Fwankie Noonan, any business to stand up there on a pedestal and say what any&#160 of us should&#160 do?&#160 WHO MADE YOU THE BOSSES OF US, YOU BASTARDS?!

And now Joe Paterno, who had a 61-year career setting the definitive example of how a football program, college, pro or otherwise, should be run, is treated as less than pond scum and unceremoniously dumped from a job he loved, all because a bunch of fuckheaded, asstastic piles of shit decided to impose their own moral values on him and say he should&#160 have done something a lot of them probably wouldn’t have had the balls to do themselves in his stead?

Ever noticed how the same ones who snivel, piss & moan about Christians supposedly imposing their values on others suddenly decide it’s okay for them&#160 to do so when it involves their own&#160 half-assed excuses-for-values being imposed.

Fuck ’em.&#160 Just fuck all&#160 of ’em.&#160

UPDATE:&#160 Oh, and not to put too&#160 fine a point thereupon (and yes, I know this doesn’t mean shit to anyone outside this blog – give me credit for still realizing the world doesn’t revolve around me)…from this point forward into perpetuity, a Perfect Football Weekend&#153 will be declared on the spot, regardless of how the rest of my teams do, anytime Penn State gets its ass handed to them.

Meaning, for example, that if Nebraska wins this weekend, it’s an automatic PFW, even if I go 0-4 with the other squads.

Fuck you, Penn State “trustees”.&#160 I wouldn’t trust you now with my shit, much less my kid.

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6 responses to “PFW:&#160 Railroaded for doing what he was supposed to do (UPDATED)”

  1. Sorry about preaching to the choir….but someone please tell me when exactly does an alleged case of failure to act AUTOMATICALLY EQUAL a cover up — excluding the oh-so righteous lapdog media saying so? Yes, I know. Absolutely no where since us “common folk” still hold to the value that a man is innocent UNTIL proven guilty. Hey court of public opinion and PSU “trustees”, IT’S CALLED THE “CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES”. Maybe you should take 15 minutes to read it before you declare yourself judge, jury, or executioner.

    IMHO, Joe Pat has the HUGEST HUMUNGO case of defamation of character and illegal termination that’s ever happened.

    Yet every day, in multiple cities across this country there are nearly the very same heinous crimes being committed by the so-called “protesters” that are just utterly being passed over like they never happened.

    If you can’t see it people, Paterno’s firing is just another example of how much liberty WE THE PEOPLE have lost to the “fundamental transformation”.

    You’ll have to excuse me, I’m going to throw up my dinner now.

  2. David Hartung says:

    Does anyone aside from me find it interesting that the people who are trying to destroy public figures such as Paterno and Cain, are the same hippies who spent the 60s and 70s protesting the “establishment”, bombing university labs and spitting on veterans?

  3. LC Purple Raider says:

    Venemous, if you can give the exact law that Paterno followed (to the letter, I might add), please link to it.

    I maintain that Paterno did nothing wrong, it was a second-hand account, Sandusky should have been in jail since 1998, and McQueady should have been sacked first.

    Also, in 2002, Sandusky should have had an accident in that shower. Nothing serious, just a fractured skull, a couple broken ribs, and various bruises.

    That’s what McQueady should have done.

  4. Venemous, if you can give the exact law that Paterno followed (to the letter, I might add), please link to it.

    Raider, I found this after a brief search – looks like it’s a synopsis on Pennsylvania child-abuse statutes.

    Mandatory Reporting Required By:&#160 Physician, coroner, dentist, chiropractor, hospital personnel, Christian Science practitioner, clergy, school teacher/nurse/administrator, social services worker, day care or child center worker, mental health professional, peace officer, law enforcement official, funeral director, foster care worker

    Now, I don’t know where Coach JoePa falls within that scope – the closest category to me seems to be “school teacher/nurse/administrator”, but he’s really none of those precisely.

    His athletic director is&#160 an administrator, though – and that’s the man to whom he reported, as you said, the second-hand report.

  5. David Hartung says:

    Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but was the Athletic director fired?

  6. Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but was the Athletic director fired?

    Not at all, Vicar.&#160 The dumbest question is the one you don’t ask, after all.

    But to answer your question – apparently not.&#160 This article specifically mentions athetic director Tim Curley:

    McQueary, a graduate assistant at the time, told the grand jury that he saw Sandusky sodomizing a boy of about 10 in the showers at the Penn State football building. McQueary did not go to police but later told Paterno, athletic director Tim Curley and university vice president Gary Schultz, although it is not clear how detailed his description was.

    Schultz, in turn, notified Spanier.

    Curley and Schultz have been charged with perjury and failure to report the incident to authorities, as required by state law. They have maintained their innocence, as has Sandusky.

    Note that it says “athletic director Tim Curley”, not “former&#160 athletic director Tim Curley”.&#160 And isn’t it curious that no lynch mob is calling for his&#160 head, hmmmmmm?

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