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A couple of days after being told by a judge that no, pitching tents & fits just off City Hall isn’t&#160 in the Constitution, the Occupussies in Dallas had their makeshift camp torn down.

Needless to say, they – and some of their supporters – aren’t too happy.

(ED. NOTE:&#160 This is part of the Dullest Moaning Snooze’s “protected content”, meaning you have to pay money to see it online.&#160 Sorry, I’m not paying hard-earned money for the DMN’s shit.&#160 The link is where you’ll find the comment I’m about to fisk.)

{feralcat} The government has the ability, through use of police force, to disperse protestors. This doesn’t make it right. Fortunately, the police power of the city of Dallas still doesn’t trump the First Amendment and the movement against the corporate control of government will not be silenced, in Dallas or anywhere else in the nation.

Y’know, you lazy-assed leftard pussies, it occurs to this&#160 writer that you should be on your knees thanking those who exercise “police force” for keeping your skank asses safe.

Consider this:&#160 There are any number of right-thinking types, like yours truly, who would salivate at the chance to match up with you folks.

You have your little homemade maces, nails embedded in spikes; you have your rocks, sticks, bricks, concrete blocks and your “up twinkles” and shit.

My side has .45s, .357s (both sigs & Magnums), .50s, .380s, 12-gauges & 30.06s.

And really, the only things keeping us from using those tools to sweep you back into your mommies’ basements are the fact that:&#160 1) it’s illegal, and 2) those same police about whom you’re kvetching are busy enforcing point 1).

(Note I haven’t said that the aforemetioned tools would actually, y’know, be fired – I tend to think that the sight of several dozen armed patriots advancing on you Occudoches would be enough to make you piss your pants, turn & high-tail it outta there.)

Somehow, I think your odds are somewhat less than scintillating.&#160 Y’know?

Just sayin’, is all.

Anytime you Occutards grow a set.

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One response to “Idle thought, Occutard edition”

  1. David Hartung says:

    An interesting concept, especially if the Southern Command were to provide close air support.

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