Welcome to the Realm™ - Version 5.0...

[SCENE:  Realm™ command.  Delta Shift is positively bored, and technicians Holland and Craft are so bored, they’re playing two-dimensional chess.]

HOLLAND:  So d’ya think we’ll ever get out of Rayegun’s doghouse?

CRAFT:  Not unless His Rudeness or Cap’n Korrioth give the word.  And given that they’re in the Umagakhali Nebula at the moment, we’re prob’ly stuck here a while…

[Pan past Craft’s shoulder to a monitor showing nothing but deep space…until…

Cut to a direct view of that section of space.  Suddenly, we hear & see a brilliant flash of bright light and an incredibly loud explosion (we’ll pretend, for the moment, that sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum – it worked well enough in ST VI, didn’t it?), and waves of purple, green & white energy bands travel at speed towards Command.

Holland & Craft, of course, took no notice.  Yet.]

HOLLAND:  Well, if you ever get into the Romulan ale like that again, at least save some for me, hm? If I’m going to be on a shit list like this, I’d prefer to have ear—

[It's about this time that both Holland & Craft notice the chess piece start to bounce around, accompanied by...]

CRAFT:  An earthquake?  On a space station?!

HOLLAND:  What in the…

[And in glancing around, Holland finally  notices what’s coming.]

HOLLAND:  Holy shit…!!!!!!!

CRAFT:  Shields!!!  SHIELDS, DAMMIT!!!!!

[Too late.

As Craft dives for the control board, the station is violently rocked by the first wave.  A panel that was  threatening to nail Craft in the solar plexus now rises up and catches him flush on the chin, knocking him unconscious.  Holland, being bounced off the walls like a ping-pong ball, is of no help.

Cut to various shots of Realm™ crewmembers being similarly tossed about bulkheads & decks.

The second wave fortunately knocks Holland towards the controls for the shields.  Using Craft to break his fall (ouch), Holland managed to hit the switch…not that he was aiming for it.

With something resembling shields now online, Holland starts punching buttons in an attempt to stabilize the wildly tumbling station.  With some effort – not to mention continuing protests from the inertial dampening systems – he manages to get Command down to a slow rotation, not unlike the restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower.  That accomplished, the third wave resembles but a mild tremor, easily absorbed.

Stopping to catch his breath – and not really noticing that he’s still on top of Craft – Holland notices the comm board flashing with an outside hail.  He makes his way over and slaps a channel open.]

HOLLAND:  Realm™ Fleet headquarters, Holland.

LT. TURNER:  Mr. Holland, this is the Southern Command, Lt. Turner speaking.  Our instruments have registered a massive explosion in the vicinity of the Umagakhali Nebula.  Do you concur?

[Holland looks around a bridge where nothing not nailed down is not where it was – and even some things that were  have been dislodged.]

HOLLAND:  Uh, you might say that, yes, sir.  What do your sensors show down there?

LT. TURNER:  Our instruments registered a 300-million megaton explosion approximately four minutes ago.

[Holland blanches.  And even over subspace, the lieutenant catches it.]

LT. TURNER:  Mr. Holland?  What’s the problem up there???

HOLLAND:  Lieutenant…is the General down there with you?

[A second voice crackles through the speakers.]

RAYEGUN:  This is Rayegun, Ensign.  Talk fast, son.

HOLLAND:  (ulp) Uh, General…the new engines on Pegasus are rated at 300-million megatons.

RAYEGUN:  Oh, shit.  (more muted, as if over his shoulder)  All hands, red alert!  Turner, call rescue stations, now!  Holland, son, find Mrs. Venomous and…

Down again, guys.  Complete rebuild of the network in progress.

Vicar, General, you guys have it.

1 Comment to “Here we go again…”

  1. Supreme General Rayegun — May 4, 2012 @ 8:15 pm

    It doesn’t help that I had to rebuild the computer core here this past week. Well not a complete rebuild, more like a remodel. Well not a remodel as so much as an in-place update. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    News mobo, new RAM, new CPU here now. Kept the other hardware from previous. But at least now I have a mobo utilizing UEFI BIOS and SATAIII speeds. As for the CPU, I went whole hog and got the AMD FX-8150 (look it up). On the RAM front, upgraded from DDR2 1333 4GB total to DDR3 1600 8GB total. Next step is going to be just what Darth describes….a complete wipe-n-reload.

    Have to see though.

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