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[SCENE:&#160 Deep space.&#160 His Rudeness, Lord Darth Venomous is on his way back from a (ahem) personal errand…]

VENOMOUS:&#160 I don’t think I like the tone of your “voice”, Narrator.

[And just what were you doing out of pocket for so long, (sarc) my liege????? (/sarc) (As if we didn’t…gakkkkk…akkkkk)]

VENOMOUS:&#160 Comprehension & cognizant thinking aren’t your strong suits, are they, dickweed?&#160 (looks offstage, as the Narrator drops to the floor with a very&#160 hollow sound)&#160 Awright, Understudy, your turn.

[…from a personal errand, and is traveling in his personal courier, the Scorpion-class Excelsior.

A blinking console light catches the Admiral’s attention.&#160 He opens a channel.]

VENOMOUS:&#160 Excelsior, Venomous.

KORRIOTH (over speaker):&#160 Korriorh, Admiral.&#160 Stellar cartography update for you, sir.

VENOMOUS:&#160 Very good, Kor, shoot it through.

[He touches a few more switches and opens a separate channel to receive the download.&#160 After five minutes, the download completes and the software channel closes.

At that very moment, everything goes dark as Excelsior&#160 loses power & drops out of warp.

Lord Venomous sits there, non-plussed.]

VENOMOUS:&#160 No, Narrator, just wondering what to do when I get back.

[Get back, m’lord?]

VENOMOUS:&#160 Whether to Force-choke the p’tahk, or use my lightsaber to cut out one of his hearts.

Ever had an Ubuntu kernel update hose your system, Denizens?

That’s three days I’ll never get back.


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4 responses to “Damn you, Ubuntu”

  1. David Hartung says:

    No, just out of curiosity, what version do you use?

  2. Both systems are on Ubuntu 10.04.4 64-bit, with Windows 7 virtual machines for the purpose of using Outlook.&#160 Critical when using the work machine – which happens to be the one that died on my this weekend.

    Another tip:&#160 When using a configuration such as this, should the host (Linux) machine die, the VM settings can not&#160 be backed up – the VM has to be installed clean & fresh (though you can use the old virtual hard drive files, if you like).

  3. David Hartung says:

    I use Ubuntu 12.04 with XP in a dual boot situation. Thus far I have never had an Ubuntu build just up and crash on me.

    Does your employer require you to use outlook? I have a calendar add-on for Thunderbird which works just dandy. It would be even better if I could figure out how to sync my IPhone with Thunderbird. IN any case, perhaps you might want to try that, and ditch Windoze completely?

  4. It’s not just Outlook.&#160 There’s also the matter of Active Directory, to which I need access.

    I’ve tried getting Outlook to function inside Wine, and I’ve never been able to get it to go.&#160 Also, I don’t remember T-Bird being compatible with Exchange.&#160 Have you ever tried it with that?

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