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Y’know, Denizens, usually I’m in whole-hearted agreement with the good folks over at Downtrend.com – they’re a conservative, anti-Bambi lot whose words I often enjoy reading.

But not this time.

Rapper 2 Chainz and his entire entourage were arrested on drug charges Tuesday, after their bus was stopped for having a broken tail light. After smelling traces of weed and seeing smoke in the bus, the police felt this was enough “probable cause” to search the vehicle.

Got news for you, Nathan Eyre:&#160 the police were right.&#160 Visible smoke, combined with the scent of pot does, indeed, constitute probable cause.

Ain’t no “felt”, nor sneer-quotes about it.

The driver of the bus did not consent to a search, but when the police decide they have probable cause, you are basically screwed. Especially since courts have ruled that the odor of contraband is enough to warrant probable cause.

Yeah, and especially since the gangsta-rappa was, basically, caught with the shit.

You seem to have forgotten that small, nearly-insignificant little part.

Before I talk more about ridiculous drug policy

You mean, before you start sniveling & whining about how the people of this country, in their wisdom, have decided they don’t want your shit in their midst…

lets talk about the real hero in this story: one of the passengers in the the bus held up a copy of the constitution as the police officers searched the vehicle. This is awesome, I mean, what kind of rapper or rapper’s buddy has a copy of the constitution laying around?

What?&#160 As if the Constitution is some sort of fucking get-out-of-jail-free card?

Are you absolutely sure, Eyre, you dumbass, that you’re not writing this while you’re effing high on something?

I bet this isn’t the first time that they have been pulled over and searched. In fact, I love the idea of carrying around a constitution to hold up in officers’ faces as I am arrested.

Yeah, I bet this isn’t the first time you’ve sounded like an asshatted stoner tard.&#160 Especially when it comes to getting your panties all in a bunch over national illegal-drug policy.

There is just something so patriotic about it.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”&#160 —John Adams

This also highlights something I have always suspected about the rap community: they are libertarian. Even though some may proclaim to like liberal ideas and liberal politicians, deep down they want the government to leave them and their money alone. In fact, only the rich and connected (Jay Z) are the ones who are such adamant supporters of politicians like Obama.

Okay, now I know&#160 you’re a fucking idiot, Eyre, you douchewad.

Otherwise, do tell why 90-plus percent of blacks voted for B. HUSSEIN!!!!!&#160 Obambi both in 2008 and&#160 2012.

Go ahead.&#160 Use whatever source material from CNN, (P)MSNBC, Wikipedia, Kos’ Krap and the Demoscummic Underground you need.&#160 I’ll wait.

Though I will admit some rappers have a disdain for cops because they are doing activities that are and should be against the law, like assault and robbery, I think that most rappers have run-ins with the law over drugs or gun ownership.

You mean, like most of right-thinking America have a disdain for dumbfuck pissweasels like you?

So, the question remains, how do we convert these rappers to libertarianism and get them to promote the cause of freedom?

I got a better question:&#160 How do we find someone to beat some sense into the fecal matter residing between your ears?

At least, do the rest of the world a favor:&#160 Don’t breed.

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