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DIS chu’ botIvjaj!

qaStaHvIS DISvam, reH qaDmeylIj DacharghmeH yapjaj HoSlIj, ‘ej not nIHoSmoHtaHbogh qaDmey DaHutlhjaj.

(May you all enjoy the new year!

During this year, may you always be strong enough to overcome your challenges, and may you never lack for challenges to keep you strong.)


KORRIOTH:  And with a tolerable accent, too.  You honor us, Admiral.


Happy New Year, Denizens.

3 Comments to “Happy 2014, Denizens!”

  1. David Hartung — January 2, 2014 @ 3:57 pm

    That’s what I thought, you and Mrs. Venomous spent the New year with Korrioth. That explains the source of the Romulan ale! :)

    Happy new year and God’s richest blessings to all!

  2. Supreme General Rayegun — January 4, 2014 @ 9:39 am

    I think he just ran it through the Google Klingon translator, cause I’m fairly certain his brain was well addled from the same said Romulan Ale!!!

  3. Alan K. Henderson — January 6, 2014 @ 2:55 am

    To me, watching the last moments of 2013 was like this famous cinematic moment:


    2013 was a year that deserved to be bound and gagged and stuffed in a trunk.

    Or as someone else noted, cited here, “If 2013 were a wine, you’d use it to kill weeds.”


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