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Basically just results & a couple of comments tonight, Denizens.  I’ll tell you why at the end of the recap.

at #3 TCU 55, Iowa State 3

at Cincinnati 21, Pittsburgh 42

at #20 Oklahoma 35, Oklahoma State 38 (OT)

#13 Wisconsin 0, #5 Ohio State 52 (B1G championship game at Indianapolis, IN)

#1 Alabama 42, Missouri 13 (SEC championship game at Atlanta, GA)

at Connecticut 20, SMUT 27

Cincinnati was actually leading at the end of three in this game, 21-17.  Then not only did the defense collapse, so did Andy & the offense.

Cincy’s probably officially sorry they gave Dalton that fat contract.

Memo to Mizzou:  Offense wins games…defense wins championships.

Oh, great.  Now  SMUT wins a game.

If Kennycut hated the Shitland Ponies before… (shakes head)

Stoopes went conservative at the end of the game, then Michael Hunnicutt went all Ross Evans again  and missed a chip shot.

They’re beginning to call for Stoopes’ head up in Norman.

Everyone seems to be marveling at how badly the Buckeyes manhandled Bucky, and I have to admit – the final score is rather disquieting.

But look at it this way:  Wisconsin is a one-dimensional team.  That dimension is named Melvin Gordon.

Joel Stave is not a college-caliber quarterback.  You will not see this kid playing on Sunday, ever – unless, possibly, it’s as a safety in a defensive backfield.  For Jacksonville.  The kid couldn’t even start for the Cowgirlz, this is how bad he is.

So what Ohio State did was to load up the box against Melvin Gordon, and dare Stave to beat them.  And – not surprisingly – he couldn’t.

The one thing I disliked about the Frogs’ victory over the Cyclones is the first touchdown – a long lateral back to receiver David Porter, who then threw it back to Trevone Boykin on a trick-play forward pass, whereupon Boykin raced, untouched, to the end zone.

Just like Smurf Turf Bullshit State  would have drawn it up.

Lookit.  I’m of the old school – line ‘em up, eleven-on-eleven, this-is-what’s-coming-try-to-stop-it, and let’s see who the better team is on a given day.  For a team (coughBoiseStatecough) to have to rely on trickery, to me, is an indication of just how inferior that team is.  TCU is head-and-shoulders better than Iowa State, anyway – did they really  need to pull that on them?


This week:  2-4.  Overall:  67-23-1.

The PFW will return Saturday morning.  I’m working on a Majorly Fucking Hellacious Rant™, and anyone associated with the College Football Playoff System™ should probably don their asbestos Underoos™ for it.

See you then.

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