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And true to form, the governor of Texas, Big Dickhead Perry, took one look at all the conservatives who didn’t vote for him this time and figured that the solution was to move left.

Memo to the Big Dickhead:  This is why I didn’t vote for your skanky ass in November.

Gov. Rick Perry sharply criticized several immigration proposals Wednesday, saying “divisive” ideas – such as a wall along the border, cutting off public education for illegal immigrants and taking away “birthright citizenship” – should give way to “real solutions.”

Oh?  Perhaps you’d just like to open up the border and let all of them in, eh, Dickhead?  Maybe you’d just like to say “aw, hell with it” and give Texas back  to Mejico,  is that it?

“Any of those types of legislation that create divisions are bad,” Mr. Perry told reporters at a meeting of public officials from the border region. “We need to look at ways to be bringing people together, rather than driving wedges between them.”

Perhaps then we should do away with all laws mandating elections for public office?  Such elections do, after all, create (gasp!!!!) divisions.

In fact, Big Dickhead, didn’t you just win one of those “divisive” elections?  And didn’t the “divisions” go four ways, and in fact help you win???

Although it isn’t the first time Mr. Perry has diverged from his party on immigration, it’s the first time he’s spoken out so forcefully against some of the party’s toughest ideas. Such proposals are expected to be major issues when the Legislature convenes next month. Mr. Perry didn’t weigh in on specific bills but left no doubt that he opposes such measures.

“I’m very disappointed in Governor Perry’s remarks,” said Rep. Leo Berman, the Tyler Republican who filed the bill to restrict birthright citizenship in Texas. “The large majority of Texans feel that to give citizenship to the children of parents who are committing a … [crime] against the United States is ludicrous.”

You’re not the only one, Leo.  Let’s hope that Texas conservatives have a long memory, so that this can be Perry’s last term.

He also complained that he had no notice of the governor’s comments.

“I’m a pretty good supporter of Governor Perry, and we’re pretty close,” Mr. Berman said. “And for him not to even talk to me about it before a comment is made really bothers me.”

Well, Leo, assassins don’t usually announce that they’re going to kill you.  They just do.

Asked about measures that would cut off access to free education for the children of illegal immigrants, Mr. Perry said the federal government requires that all children be educated.

Typical Perry.  Asked to show just a bit of backbone, a sliver of spine, he runs away and hides behind federal law.

He did the same thing with Lawrence v. Texas  too.  Challenged to defy the US Soprano Not-so-Supreme Court, he went and hid behind the black-robed tyrants.  (Reports that he enjoyed giving Dave Souter that rim-job were unsubstantiated at press time.)

A spokesman said the governor supports federal reimbursement for states strapped by education and health care costs for illegal immigrants.

Right.  Reimbursement from the federal  gummint.  IOW, Denizens, we wind up paying through the ass no matter what.

And Big Dickweed Perry wonders why he only got 39 percent of the vote.

Speaking to about 200 public officials from the border region, Mr. Perry reiterated his support for a program to allow foreign workers to enter the United States for certain jobs, but emphasized his tough stand on border security. He has called for new state support for law enforcement operations along the border.

But his criticism of tougher measures targeting illegal immigrants drew surprised applause from advocates for immigrants and liberal groups accustomed to being Mr. Perry’s staunchest critics – particularly after a national campaign season in which illegal immigrants often were portrayed as dangerous intruders.

“We welcome Governor Perry’s new, more constructive tone on immigration issues,” said Deece Eckstein, director of the Texas and Southwest region of People For the American Way, a liberal group.

And that  – more than anything – should tell any right-thinking individual how much Perry has his big dickhead up his ugly ass on this issue.  When you have Pissants for the Anti-American Way cheering you for something you did, then you can take it to the bank:  You fucked up.

Big time.

“He understood one of the central messages of the recent elections – that immigrant bashing is not only mean-spirited and counterproductive, it is also politically unpopular, especially in Texas.”

Right, dipshit.  That’s why he obviously  won the majority in Texas with a gigantic, humongous, whopping THIRTY-FUCKING-NINE PERCENT OF THE VOTE, YOU FUCKHEAD PAW DUMBASS!!!

Stupid, boneheaded dumbfucks.


5 Comments to “Perry:  In bed with the illegal aliens Americans won’t sleep with”

  1. Pig Vomit — December 10, 2006 @ 9:36 pm

    [Do I detect an absence of dick and cojones, pussy?  You’ve got the address anytime you want a piece, chickenshit.

    ‘Course, you’d piss and shit your pants if you ever had to go one-on-one with me, just like your butt-buddy Mykki.

    Anytime, motherfucker.  Let’s see what a billy-bob bad-ass you are, you kiddie-diddling, swishy-assed pussy.  I’ll be waiting if your balls ever grow past the size of hydrogen atoms.  -S.]

  2. Pig Vomit — December 11, 2006 @ 11:23 am

    Mykki came to see me recently. My mother said I couldn’t come to the door because I was busy sucking my daddy’s dick. Well, except I couldnt’ find it its that small.

  3. RobertHuntingdon — December 11, 2006 @ 3:31 pm

    I must say this for you, Spats, you have an “interesting” talent for editing comments you don’t like. And you certainly have a way with words, especially insulting ones.


  4. Lady Heather — December 11, 2006 @ 4:11 pm


  5. Lord Spatula I, King & Tyrant — December 11, 2006 @ 5:26 pm

    Had to be done, Lady H.  The limp-wrist said something about the Queen Unit™ that he’d not have dared say to my face.

    And lived.

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