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In the wake of the Va Tech massacre earlier today, LC Ten-Ten said it best, when he opined:

Sadly, my first thought was how the MSM and leftist lunatics is going to use this hporrid situation to advance their anti-gun rhetoric.

And on the heels of that, LC Sir Christopher pointed us to this link by Slimey Limey Paula Thompson

Despite repeated school shootings, it is still ridiculously easy to obtain a gun in the US.

Gee, fuckhead, you say that like it’s a bad thing.

Anyone aged over 18 and without a criminal conviction can legally buy a rifle or shotgun. Under US Federal Law only those aged over 21 can buy a handgun. The process often takes less than half an hour and requires a simple background check.

Yeah.&#160 So???

Unlike the UK, gun owners are not required to store their weapons in a locked safe and there is no limit on the number of weapons they are allowed.

And, unlike the UK, we’re not a nation of pussified, mewling twits who’ve handed over our protection to the local bobbies and are currently bending over and grabbing our ankles for the ragheads who’ve infiltrated.

Funny how that works, hm?

Even though the Columbine school massacre in 1999 led to a partial ban on automatic weapons, many states – including Virginia – still allow the sale of such lethal weapons.

Really?&#160 Hm.&#160 Maybe I need to move to Virginia.

According to a anti-gun group the state of Virginia has some of the weakest laws in the nation. They were awarded a C grade by the Brady Campaign, the leading organisation aimed at combating gun violence in America, which rates the toughest laws as an A grade.

Obviously they’re working too hard at it.&#160 Either that or Sarah the Simpering Snotwit&#153 was only trying to be nice.

In Virginia not only are purchasers allowed to buy a gun a month if they wish, but there is no restriction on the type of weapon that is available. AK-47 assault rifles and Uzi sub machine guns can be bought legally over the counter. Gun buyers must undergo a computerised background and this often takes place on the spot.

Honey, pack our bags.&#160 We needs to high-tails it to ol’ Virginny!!!

Some states do require a three day “cooling off” period while detailed checks are carried out to see if the buyer has a criminal record. Most checks are carried out at a state level, although the more detailed checks use the FBI criminal database. Anyone with a criminal conviction is automatically barred from buying a firearm. Last year in Virginia 2,568 gun buyers failed criminal background checks. However, there is nothing to stop those who failed the criminal checks from buying weapons from a private dealer.

Damn&#160 that mean ol’ capitalism!!!

In Virginia there is no state requirement that any checks be carried out on people buying guns at gun shows or from a private individual. Gun shows can operate on a “no questions asked, cash-and-carry” basis, making it easy for criminals and even juveniles to buy as many guns as they want at gun shows, including assault weapons. No records are required to be kept on gun show sales by private individuals or gun collectors, making it almost impossible for police to trace such weapons if they are used in a crime.

Well, at least I’ll know where to load up when it’s time to overturn the Tree of Liberty’s watering can.

There is also no state requirement that gun owners register their firearms. Police do not know how many guns are in Virginia or who has them.

Well, y’know, they could always ask this sniveling pussy.

Then again, maybe the Va Tech shooter did, hm?

The lack of registration data makes it more difficult for police to trace guns used in crime, identify illegal gun traffickers or hold gun owners accountable for their weapons. The degree of control varies from state to state.

On the contrary, bozo, the ease of acquiring guns means would-be perps like the dipshit Va Tech shooter you’re trying to defend might think twice about pulling his own piece and randomly firing, knowing that he might get ten slugs sent his way for ever one he sent out.

Mutually Assured Destruction.&#160 Quite the novel concept.

California has limited gun sales to one firearm per customer per month and outlawed some assault weapons according to their characteristics rather than the make and model. Illinois now requires owners to lock away firearms and fit child safety locks.

And both are pussy states where crime runs rampant.&#160 Gee, wonder if there’s a pattern?

The American Constitution, which sets out the country’s rights and freedoms, says people are allowed to “keep and bear arms”. This has deterred lawmakers from enforcing gun control and they often face opposition from the influential National Rifle Association. The NRA insists Americans have the right to bear arms.

Damn that American Constitution!!!&#160 Damn&#160 that NRA!!!!

Fuck you, Paula, you pansy-assed freak.

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5 responses to “That&#160 didn’t take long”

  1. Spats,

    You are right on every count, but you miss one important fact. The gun control fools don’t care about fact, it gets in the way of their pipe dream.

  2. but you miss one important fact. The gun control fools don’t care about fact, it gets in the way of their pipe dream.

    Eh.&#160 It was late, I was tired, and I’ve got a mild flu bug. 🙂

  3. Lib R Al says:

    Can it be any simpler? Ban ALL guns = NO gun violence!

    Repeal the fascist 2nd ammendimint!

  4. Bill, how the hell er ya?

    Did ya get all nostalgic and miss us all of a sudden? (chuckle)

  5. Hey Spats!

    I thought you had minimum intelligence requirements to post here. This guy:

    [Can it be any simpler? Ban ALL guns = NO gun violence!

    Repeal the fascist 2nd ammendimint!

    Posted by Lib R Al at April 18, 2007 01:46 PM]

    Makes rocks look smart!

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