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And Denizens, in this thread here, wherein Don Rickles is at a Shirley MacLaine roast and makes an allegedly “RAAAAACIST” comment (gotta get those five As in there y’know) about the Ayatollah, a comment demonstrating the average IQ of the Demoscum can be found:

oh is it diffrent when mentally-ill repubs go on shows you HYPOCRITES bush perry michele baucman oh mitt romney did 10 best things on letterman stupid bush pretended to be a war pilot on a ship lying again mission accomplished 10yrs later the mission still is a mission retarded republican with selective memory you forgot lura bush on show too.. let me run along you mutts are really a waste of reality time i’ll leave ya in koo koo for coca puffs land go play with froot loop bird

Ladies & Gentlemen…your average Demoscum.

Pathetic, ain’t it?


Denizens, today is supposed to be the Bloggers’ Day of Silence in protest for what’s being done to fellow blogger Aaron Walker by He Whom Will Always&#160 Be Known As The “Speedway Bomber”&#153, aka limp-wristed chickenshit short-bussed pusstard Brett Kimberlin, the Boil To End All Boils On The Collective Ass Of Society&#153.

I haven’t blogged, of course, not because of that cowardly faggot Kimberlin – but because I’m up to my ass in work.

C’est la vie.

Nevertheless, I support the effort – and Aaron, soon as I can find some loose change, guy, it’ll be on its way to you.


According to Hoft over at Gateway Pundit, MSNBC has not only already called the race for Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Lt. Governor Rebecca “Babe” Kleefisch also wins tonight, 59-41.



Usually, in our culture, we strive to be the best, at whatever legal (and sometimes illegal) cost.

But this shows that on occasion, some things are just more important.

COLUMBUS — Lending a helping hand was more satisfying than winning a state championship Saturday for Meghan Vogel.

The West Liberty-Salem High School junior was the surprise winner in the Division III girls 1,600 meters in the finals of the state track meet at Ohio State’s Jesse Owens Stadium.

She broke away from race favorite Tammy Berger of Versailles and Delainey Phelps of Toledo Christian with 300 meters to go. She won going away in 4:58.31. It was the first time she had broken the five-minute mark.

What Vogel did at the end of the D-III 3,200 meters, however, got her a standing ovation.

Within 20 feet of the finish line, Arden McMath, a sophomore from Arlington High School, collapsed in front of Vogel. Rather than run by her, Vogel helped McMath to her feet and helped her across the finish line.

Good on ya, Ms. Vogel.&#160 There may be hope for our culture yet.


Today is that day in the Church year where we commemorate one of the central doctrines of orthodox(true) Christianity. In the early fourth century, there was a controversy on whether or not Jesus was God, or a lesser created being, created for the specific purpose of being a sacrifice. On the one side were the Trinitarians, who confessed God as being “three in one”. On the other side were those who believed Jesus to be a lesser being. These folks were called Arians because they were led by  man named Arias. A church council was called in Nicea to sort this out. Ultimately the Trinitarians, led by a man named Athenasius won the day. More »


Never was really that much of a comic-book kinda guy. You won’t find stacks of Superman&#160 in my storage shed, nor Archie, nor Batman, et. al.&#160 I have one copy of a Star Wars&#160 comic book, and it&#160 isn’t really all that good.

But now, I have another reason never to buy one:&#160 Green Lantern&#160 has come out of the closet and gone heterophobe.

One of DC Comics oldest heroes is super-coming out.

The original Green Lantern – a DC Comics mainstay for the past 70 years – will be revealed to be a gay man in next week’s issue of “Earth 2.”

Alan Scott – formerly a married father of two who first appeared in 1940 – tips readers off to his sexuality early on in the comic when he gives his boyfriend a welcome home kiss.

No, I won’t&#160 post the pic – you’ll have to go read the story and retch about it over there.

Fuck you, DC Comics.&#160 Special place in Hell for you bastards when Christ returns and sets up his kingdom.&#160 How many Young Skulls Full o’ Much&#153 are gonna decide to violate their built-in genetic programming (and no, they’re still&#160 not “born that way”, fudgepackers) and cause themselves untold amounts of grief, suffering and physical maladies over the course of their lives?

Just because you asstwinkles at DC decided to cave into ONE-TO-THREE FUCKING PERCENT OF THE POPULATION!?!?!?!

Let’s hope you douchewads at least got a reach-around out of it.

ESADIAF, motherfuckers.&#160


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