Welcome to the Realm™ - Version 5.0...

In all the hubbub surrounding my suddenly unreliable machine, Bambi’s Civil-War wish with his pathetic attempt at a gun-grab, the ball dropping ‘n all that…

…has anyone noticed that Supreme General Rayegun is now officially one year closer to senility?

(There.  Happy now? (r, d & g)) 


Denizens, whilst I continue to rebuild my system (read:  while I continue to amass funds to purchase a new Big Drive™ and some memory upgrades), your homework assignment is to read this (hat tip:  LC Lobo of the Rott).

“Gird your loins”, as Vice-Perpetrator Hair-Butt Plugs would say.  It’s coming.


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(KORRIOTH:  Oh, great.  More wormholes.)

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