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Frank Lautenberg died a couple days ago. He was 89.

Now, my dear, sainted mother always told me that if I couldn’t say anything nice about a lying, cheating, illegally-elected, pro-abort, anti-Second Amendment bastard tyrant wannabe with severe delusions of adequacy…then I shouldn’t say anything.

So I’ll just say that Frank Lautenberg died a couple days ago, and leave it at that.


The Linux Experiment&#153 is just about over.&#160

Apparently, there are never enough client slots available for the maybe&#160 four-to-five apps I want to run at any one time.

Windows, as much as I hate it, never did this.

Stand by…

UPDATE:&#160 Just as a point of clarification, I’ve got a quad AMD A8-5600K 3-point-something CPU with 16 gigs of RAM – and, even though I devote 50% to a Windows virtual machine, I should have enough to run Firefox, plus open an explorer window, command prompt, and the text editor on which I’m writing this, with at least a little bit left over.

And Linux is telling me I don’t have the capacity?!?!?!

Fuck that.


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You can  use Nutscrape,  if you so desire - but why in blazes would you want to use a browser from a company that had to hide behind Janet El Reño's skirt to be successful?

And don't even  get me started on Opera or Chrome.  I'm not about  to trust any browser that won't let me change its color scheme.
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