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Denizens, some of you may recall where I – ah – took a black-robed star-chamber tyrantess (tyrantess?) to task for daring to tell the sovereign town of Farmers Branch, TX, that she  ran the town, not them.

Well, the Stupid Cunt™ went and did it again on Wednesday.

For the second time, a federal judge has declared unconstitutional a Farmers Branch ordinance banning illegal immigrants from renting in the city.

U.S. District Judge Jane Boyle of Dallas ruled Wednesday that the ordinance was an attempt to enforce U.S. immigration laws – something the judge said only the federal government can do.

The judge also issued a permanent injunction to stop Farmers Branch from enforcing Ordinance 2952.

And it’s just as legitimate now as it was then.  Which is to say, not very damned much.

Mayor Tim O’Hare, the driving force behind the ordinances, said he wants to appeal.

Mayor O’Hare, I wouldn’t bother.  The tin-horned fucksticks aren’t going to rule in your favor, no matter how right you are.

Instead, I’d just ignore the ruling and enforce 2952 anyway.  Make the apartment complexes abide by the will of the people.  Those that cooperate get slightly more leeway on, say, city inspections.

Those that don’t?  Throw the book at them.  Right down to the tiniest little crack in a foundation – cite the hell outta them for it.

And recruit some volunteers, for when Cheetah Jane decides to throw some US Marshals at you.  Defend yourselves & Farmers Branch.


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