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[SCENE:  Realm™ spacedock.  In the abscence of Lord Darth Venomous (whom, you will recall, is currently languishing in Facebook Hell™), Supreme General Rayegun has arrived from the Southern Command™ to oversee things.  His first order of business was to organize a search for the Admiral.

He is conferring now with Captain Korrioth, Realm™ shipmaster Commander K’tinghe and the rest of the senior staff.]

RAYEGUN:  So where is this ribbon now?

KORRIOTH:  Badlands, General.  Specifically, Sector 11287, in the Hogan system.  Estimated 3.1 days until it hits the Umagakhali Nebula.

RAYEGUN:  And you still believe His Snarkiness is in there.

OZY MCCOOL:  His last known position, yes, General.

RAYEGUN:  Very well. What do we have in the way of ships around here?

K’TINGHE:  We’ve come up with this prototype—

RAYEGUN:  You are not  sending the prototype in there after my friend, Commander, is that clear???

K’TINGHE:  Uh, not that  prototype, General.

[K'tinghe moves to the wall display on the far wall and touches a control.  A nasty, sleek-looking, dark-charcoal gray battlecruiser appears on the display.]

K’TINGHE:  General, this is the fleet’s newest vessel – Pegasus II.  We have built it with the strongest titanium alloy available, and coated it with a neutronium armor.  It is currently rated to withstand 2.5 times the amount of gravometric turbulence that our previous ships could tolerate.  It is ideal for going into areas that would tear apart other, lesser ships.

RAYEGUN:  Such as the perimeter of this ribbon.

K’TINGHE:  Aye, sir.  But that’s not the best part.  (K’tinghe touches another control.)  Look what we’re powering it with.

[Rayegun's mouth virtually hits the floor.]

RAYEGUN:  I don’t believe it.  He finally took my suggestion and put—

MERLIN:  Well, it wasn’t exactly  his idea.  Amazing what you can accomplish when a technical Luddite isn’t around to put the kibosh on things.


RAYEGUN:  Very well, then.  Get this ship prepped and on its way.  I can’t imagine we have all that  much time.

KORRIOTH:  Aye, General. (to K’tinghe) Move.

K’TINGHE (with a suddenly tight look on his face):  Captain—

KORRIOTH:  Is there a problem, Commander?

K’TINGHE(gulping almost audibly):  No, m’lord.  On my way.

[He turns to go, a sullen look on his face.  Korrioth ponders this for a moment, then turns his attention away, filing the sequence for later.]

Changes are coming.

Not anything that’ll affect you guys, but they’ll be fun to talk about, once in place.  (Well, they will be for the geeks among us, anyway.)

Watch this space.

2 Comments to “Meanwhile, back at HQ…”

  1. David Hartung — May 28, 2011 @ 4:37 pm

    Ubuntu or Fedora? :)

    This should resolve your warp core issues.

    Now if you could just fix the problem with the beer replicator! It keeps trying to give me Anheuser Busch colored water! (Another euphemism would be more appropriate, but the Vicar is trying to behave!) :)

  2. Supreme General Rayegun — June 5, 2011 @ 5:21 pm

    David, you’ve actually gotten the beer replicator TO WORK??? All I can get it to do is spit out that garbage called Klingon Blood Ale…

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