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(Hat tip:  Hoft, as usual.)

And at the other extreme (i.e. the heterophobic pro-sodomite militant leftards) comes this video.

I’m putting it below the fold to give you time to put down all throwables/breakables/shootables, etc.  I guaran-damn-tee you that you’ll have your own personal RCOB™ going within fifteen seconds, and by the end will be wanting to print out a picture of this bastard to take to the range with you.

So here we go.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


Need a good comeback for the OWS libtards that are outside your favorite Chick-fil-A? Here’s a good one! (Found this all over FB)

And this especially goes for you clowns-in-control; Obamaville Mayor Rahm-mie Boy Emanuel, Beantown beanhead Tommy-boy Menino, and the City of Un-Brotherly Love Michael nutjob Nutter.

Gotta love it!

UPDATE: In case you missed it on your local paper or news, today is also Chick-fil-A’s founder S. Truett Cathy’s birthday. Celebrate appropriately and support his business.


Bonnie Fwank and his fellow butt-buddy Jimmi Weady had a ceremony in MassahChewsShits yesterday.

After the ceremony, both Bonnie & Jimmi were still single men excuses-for-men.

ESAD, heterophobes.  You pussies can have as many “ceremonies” as you want, with as much flowery shit, rose petals, sickly organ music (pun not really intended, but still), excuses-for-preachers, etc, as you like – but in God’s eyes, my eyes and those of the right-thinkers of this society, you are not, and never will be married.

Go fuck yourselves if you don’t like that.  (Then again, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?)


Never was really that much of a comic-book kinda guy. You won’t find stacks of Superman  in my storage shed, nor Archie, nor Batman, et. al.  I have one copy of a Star Wars  comic book, and it  isn’t really all that good.

But now, I have another reason never to buy one:  Green Lantern  has come out of the closet and gone heterophobe.

One of DC Comics oldest heroes is super-coming out.

The original Green Lantern – a DC Comics mainstay for the past 70 years – will be revealed to be a gay man in next week’s issue of “Earth 2.”

Alan Scott – formerly a married father of two who first appeared in 1940 – tips readers off to his sexuality early on in the comic when he gives his boyfriend a welcome home kiss.

No, I won’t  post the pic – you’ll have to go read the story and retch about it over there.

Fuck you, DC Comics.  Special place in Hell for you bastards when Christ returns and sets up his kingdom.  How many Young Skulls Full o’ Much™ are gonna decide to violate their built-in genetic programming (and no, they’re still  not “born that way”, fudgepackers) and cause themselves untold amounts of grief, suffering and physical maladies over the course of their lives?

Just because you asstwinkles at DC decided to cave into ONE-TO-THREE FUCKING PERCENT OF THE POPULATION!?!?!?!

Let’s hope you douchewads at least got a reach-around out of it.

ESADIAF, motherfuckers. 


The comic strips Funky Winkerbean  and Crankshaft  are written (or, in the case of Crankshaft, partially written) by a shit-for-brains named Tom Batiuk (rhymes with “attic”).  His strips run in dozens (if not hundreds) of birdcage liners newspapers across the country…on comics pages which are very easily accessible to kids 3 years & up.

The last couple of weeks, this jackwagon Batiuk has been writing a storyline in Winkerbean  where two heterophobic boys plan to go to a prom together.  Naturally, Batiuk the douchetard is ridiculing those who would object and portraying them in the worst possible light:

Today, in a school assembly, Batiuk the pissweasel reveals his take on what he calls “intolerance” – which, not surprisingly, is the exact same as the rest of the heterophobe/Demoscum community:

Unless, of course, you rightly oppose homosexuality, and having it taught to/practiced by impressionable kids, who see it condoned in society (where only 30 short years ago it was rightly decried and treated as the perversion it is) and want to try it themselves.

In which case, they practice their intolerance towards you.

And the print media industry, which will happily accept this bullshit from Batiuk the heterophobe and run it in their comics pages, will then wring its collective hands in extreme angst and wonder why their many subscriber bases are steadily dwindling away, their readers having long ago decided that they were increasingly tired of being preached to and paying good money to have values they didn’t share shoved down their throats by a group of liberal assclowns.

It’s leftist pussies like you, Tommi Batiuk, that are slowly killing the newspaper industry.  And when we stop giving you our hard-earned money, you bitch at us for being “intolerant”.

ESAD, widdle Tommi.  I imagine you’ve lost a goodly portion of your readers the last couple of weeks.

“F.E.T.E.”, as the Imperial Torturer would be wont to say.


With all the talk about how the Ayatollah has just come out of the closet, LC George the Apocryphal Prophet over at the Rott has pretty much nailed it in one:

The real problem as I see it is the next item on the gay rights agenda: adoption.

Most people can agree that the state has no business dictating what two adults do with each other in private, and if they love and trust each other it makes sense to let them enter into a legal union similar to a marriage.

The fact remains though, that the human race perpetuates itself by means of sexual reproduction. It is a simple biological fact that what homosexuals do is not how babies are made, so they can’t have any children unless someone else gives them kids. There is a 97% chance that a given child will grow up to be straight, and therefore will be best served being raised by parents who attempt to exemplify the partnership of man and woman, because that is what will prepare the kids with knowledge of how to conduct themselves toward the opposite sex, and conducting themselves toward the opposite sex is 97% likely to be what they are going to want to do when they get older. I am not expressing any kind of hate toward gay couples here. I’m just pointing out that when it comes to adopting children, it should not be presumed that it is just as well to give a kid to a gay couple as a straight couple. Nevertheless you can count on the gay activist crowd to come unhinged at an argument like this and construe it as some kind of unspeakably vile hate speech. When it gets to the point where we actually should draw the line, will we be willing to do so?

Here’s a brainbender for the lefty crowd:  Suppose they identify the ‘gay gene,’ and suppose they develop a treatment, injected directly into the gonads, that can eliminate the chance of having children with any of a wide range of genetic conditions, including homosexual inclinations. Should people be denied the right of reproductive choice to secure the future existence of homosexuals?

Bammo.  (Well, except for the part about the “love and trust each other” BS – trust me, it may be many things…but it sure as Hell™ isn’t love.)


As the years go on, I have become less and less impressed by the various beauty pageants. This report from the Miss Universe folks just put the final nail in the coffin.

“Transgender women have notched a key victory in a bid for equality, as the Miss Universe Organization announced today that they will be allowed to compete in its pageants.”


(Pun very definitely intended.)

Denizens, to officially  start your week off, we have this from the Sibling Unit™:

The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.

We are all familiar with a Herd of cows, a Flock of chickens, a School of fish and a Gaggle of geese.

However, less widely known is a Pride of lions, a Murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens), an Exaltation of doves and, presumably because they look so wise, a Parliament of owls.

Now consider a group of Baboons. They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates. And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons? Believe it or not…

… a Congress!

“Indeed”, as the Puppy Blender™ would say.

From that, we jump to some breaking news that’s hitting Fox as I type this (and confirmed by Drudge via CNN)…that Bawney Fag is bailing out on Congress.

Merry Christmas, Denizens! 


Thanks to the refusal of our President to do his constitutional duty, the subject of same sex “marriage” has once again heated up in our society. Unfortunately, over the past twenty or so years, more and more of our fellow citizens have bought into this idea that homosexuals should rightly be able to legally wed.

As a result, I fully expect to see same sex marriage fully legal in all fifty states within the next five years or so. While I am not so melodramatic as to claim that this will be the straw which breaks the camels back and sends our nation down the tubes, that camel is carrying a very heavy load.

Here is a very good video by one of our Lutheran pastors on what marriage is, and why a same sex couple cannot truly be “married.”

More to come.


…and we can do so again.

Item:  GoProud is a group of Republican heterophobes led by a little limp-wristed lickspittle name of Chris Barron.  Barron is a typical militant heterophobe in that, if you disagree with him or his little half-assed, perverted organization, you are automatically a bigot.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


Saw this on David Barton’s “Wallbuilders” FB page.

Seems that the repeal of DADT in the military is having its intended affect.  Reducing the the American military eventually to a collection of pansy-assed enviroweenies.

But not in THIS mans’ military.  While it sucks that a LTCol is choosing to retire rather than force his troops into the mandated homosexual indoctrination sessions, his reasoning is 100% sound IMHO.  I knew something like this was coming when the talk of Al-Obambi & Co. hit that they were going to repeal the regulation.

The wussification of this country is now complete, thanks to the “progress”-ives.

Folks, if you haven’t gotten them already it’s really past time to do it.  Take your 4th 2nd [Fixed.   -Venomous]  Amendment RIGHTS straight to the gun shop and SPEND.  Be sure to get plenty of ammo too, you’re gonna need it!



As most of you Denizens know, I broke ties with the Southern Baptist Convention a couple years back over their climbing into bed with the greenies.  (Which reminds me – I never did get an answer from Jack Graham and the Southern Baptist regarding the questions I asked them.  Sucks to be them sometimes.)

But I was encouraged last year when the SBC kicked Fort Worth’s Broadway Baptist Church out of their fellowship.  Broadway, it seems, doesn’t have the problem with heterophobes that the SBC – not to mention God – has with them.

Now, they seen the “Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin” from the Baptist General Convention of Texas (the state chapter of the SBC), decided to take their bat ‘n ball and go home.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


Well, just another reason for that place to fall off into the Pacific Ocean.  The nice thing is that maybe all the enviroweenies would fall in the ocean too!

We can hope right?

Read more here, if you really want to. 

All I can say is, if you are a conservative GET OUT OF THE STATE NOW!!!!  Because God’s wrath IS COMING!!


Denizens, there’s an old adage:  “Everyone can bring joy into a person’s life – some by coming, some by going”.

Then there are those who bring joy by whining that they’re not  coming.

Which brings me to San Transexual’s chief executive bathhouse boy, Gavin Newsom.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom announced today a moratorium on official city travel to Arizona after the state enacted a controversial new immigration law that directs local police to arrest those suspected of being in the country illegally.

The ban on city employee travel to Arizona takes effect immediately, although there are some exceptions, including for law enforcement officials investigating a crime, officials said. It’s unclear how many planned trips by city workers will be curtailed.

The move comes amid a cascade of criticism of Arizona’s law, which has been denounced by civil rights groups, some police officials and President Obama, who said it threatens to “undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans.”

And all the people of Arizona said, HALLELUJAH, AMEN!!!!!

Texas needs to hurry up and pass a law like that… 


Reggie Dwight says Jesus was homosexual.

Now, I have to admit – Reginald Dwight’s Jesus may, in fact, be “gay”.

But Reginald Dwight’s Jesus isn’t the Christ I  worship, nor is he the object of adoration of the millions of other souls that constitute Christendom.

Which is to say that I guaran-damn-tee  you that Elton John’s christ isn’t the Lamb who took away the sin of the world.

And it should go without saying that Elton John’s Jesus won’t be saving him from the fires of Hell anytime soon.


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