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Item:&#160 A bimboid who’s really too damned ugly to be wearing nipple rings sets off a metal detector at the Lubbock airport.&#160 TSA officials adhere to policy in forcing the trollop to remove the “jewelry”.&#160 She pitches a fit, hires a big-name feminazi attorney and forces TSA to cave.

Item:&#160 Now the fat cow is being honored by some cackling-hen quilting bee of which no one’s ever heard, presumably because SHE SPOKE TRUTH TO POWER, W00+ W00+!!!

Reaction #1:&#160 I don’t supposed it ever occurred to you, Mandibitch, to TAKE THE DAMNED THINGS OUT BEFORE GOING TO THE AIRPORT?!?!?!?!

Reaction #2:&#160 What the hell are you doing wearing nipple rings anyway?&#160 It’s not like you’re that&#160 good-looking, y’know?

UPDATE:&#160 Reaction #3:&#160 Presumably, Mandi Hammi’s trollop excuse-for-an-attorney, Gloria Allred, was quoted as saying:

“The last time that I checked a nipple was not a dangerous weapon.”

Well, certainly yours&#160 ain’t, Allred.&#160 Then again, I don’t know of anyone who really wants&#160 to see you nekkid, y’know?&#160


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