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Misha reports that the Inbred Phucktard, Phred “Phaggot” Phelps, has attempted to file bankruptcy to escape a civil judgment and had it thrown back in his face.

Normally, we’d be dancing a over this.&#160 That son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch has had this coming for a while now, and I for one am pleased to see him get it in the shorts.

While Misha & the Rotties are dancing in the streets, though, I see one small, almost insignificant problem with this procedure:

If they can do it to Phred Phelps…they can do it to you.

Denizens, I put that in the block for a reason.&#160 I can’t put too fine a point on this.&#160 Anything, anything&#160 that happens to Westboro Baptist Church can happen to your church or my church.&#160 Or you and me – if we suddenly become enemies of the state.&#160 And all that has to happen is for the government to decide that some religion…say, Christianity…has become a liiiiiiittle too extreme&#160 for its tastes.

It happened to the Branch Davidians.&#160 It’s happening to Focus on the Family right now in Canada.

“But Spats”, I almost hear you saying, “Algore would have to visit Hell and cause it to freeze over before that has a snowball’s chance of happening to the churches here.&#160 They wouldn’t dare&#160 do that to us.”

Phaggot Phreddy Phelps thought that, too.&#160 Which is exactly why he filed for bankruptcy.

Think about it.


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