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Okay, so in the NFL draft, the C’boys took running back Felix Jones from Ar-kansas and cornerback Mike Jenkins from Tampa Bay Community College South Florida in the first round, and tight end Martellus Bennett from Texas A&M.&#160 Oh, and the deal for Adam “Pacman” Jones is now official.

1st reaction:&#160 Why the hell didn’t they get Mario Manningham from Michigan at 61?&#160 They need receivers more than they need a backup tight end!!!&#160 (Thank Cthulu he’s still on the draft board, so there’s still a chance.)

2nd reaction:&#160 The more I ponder the selection of Jones, the less excited I get.&#160 Looks like we’re simply replacing one spare named Jones with another.

3rd reaction:&#160 C’boys have, in effect, traded Jacques “Toast” Reeves and Nate “Burnt Toast” Jones for Mike Jenkins and Pacman Jones.&#160 I can live with that trade.&#160

For now, they get a grade of C.&#160 Let’s hope they do a little better in Day 2.


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