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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls….here is your reading assignment.

You WILL go here and read this letter. You WILL do it now.

If you are like everyone else that frequents here, you are like both Darth and myself in that you are completely FED UP with what Obamanation is doing to us and the mockery they are making of our Constitution, you will read that letter.

Take five minutes, heck take fifteen minutes if you need to. Just read it.

Then do what I and the Generalette-to-be have done. Sign the petition that is linked on the same page.

If you care about your country and are tired of the total disregard Al-Obambi and the ENTIRE Washington Inside-the-Beltway clan has for “We The People”, then it’s now time to have your voice heard.



Not got a lot of time to write an extensive post, but this is a HOT one!

If you don’t follow Glenn Beck, happen to frequent the Washington Examiner, or don’t really care for articles by Byron York….you’re likely to have missed this one. Of course, our unbiased, non-judgmental, non-agenda seeking Lame Stream Lapdog Sleazedia will never catch on to this issue. Even if they could win a Pulitzer for reporting it.

Folks, this one stinks more than a Arkansas turkey farm in August…or even more than Congress giving themselves a raise when the economy is in the tank and those same people are saying “cut costs”.

Pay attention to this one, cause this one has the potential to put Al-Obambi out of office. Maybe even out of the country….well, we can “Hope” for that sort of “Change” now can’t we???


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