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In Luke, chapter 2 we have the account of Mary, the mother of our Lord, visiting her distant cousin Elizabeth, who is pregnant with the child who will become known as John the Baptist.

For those churches who follow the liturgical year, this lesson will be the Gospel reading this coming Sunday(the fourth Sunday of Advent). There will be many fine sermons preached on this text, and some will even take notice of something which is yet another indication that life begins in the womb, not after birth.

In verse 44, Elizabeth said that as soon as the baby she was carrying heard Mary’s greeting, he “jumped for joy”. If that child had been nothing more than a lump of tissue, he would not have reacted to Mary’s voice.

As we move forward in our Advent preparations, as we prepare to celebrate the earthly birth of the Savior of mankind, let us never forget that children are a gift from God. No matter how they are conceived, to kill a child in the womb is murder of the most heinous variety. Instead of aborting these precious gifts, we should at every opportunity, celebrate our children, and thank God that we have been blessed to have them.

May the peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Amen.


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