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December 6th, 2009, 1905 hours, is a date & time which will live in Realm™ infamy.  Mark that date & time and remember it well, Denizens.

For it is the moment that I officially changed my mind on the BCS, and decided we needed a national playoff.

#20 Nebraska 12, #3 TU Shortdicks 10, Big XII/BCS Conspirators & Rule Violators 3

Denison 49, Sulphur Springs 35

Denison 28, Aledo 40

Wisconsin 51, at Hawai’i 10

Dallas 24, at NY Football Douchebags 31

at Dallas 17, San Diego 20

Dallas 24, at New Orleans 17

Denison stopped Sulphur Springs in a shootout, as DJ Jones caught four Jordan Taylor passes for 112 yards and a couple of touchdowns.  Taylor & Jones were also forces on the ground, combining for 391 yards on 42 carries.

Denison would lose to eventual 4A Div II champion Aledo the next week, as they simply could not stop Jonathan Gray (27 rushes, 185 yards, 4 touchdowns).

Memo to UHawai’i:  Next time you have a quality head coach who makes noises about going elsewhere if you don’t upgrade the program…upgrade the damned program, hm?

June Jones’ squads might have had a chance against Bucky.  This motley crew will settle for not being manhandled back into Oblivion™.

Jonathan Clay gashed the Rainbow Warriors for 172 yards and three touchdowns as Bucky shoved them aside and said “Out of the way kids, we’re going bowling.”  QB Scott Tolzien was 16-20-253.

Believe it or not, Romo’s actually played well the last three weeks.  Pity he has only one win to show for it.

Special teams and defense failed the Cowgirlz against the Douchebags.  Dominique Hixon (yes, the spelling’s deliberate, thank you) took a Mat McBriar punt back 79 yards on a punt return, and Widdle Brandi Jackoff took a swing pass and waddled 75 yards for a score.

(How does Brandi Jackoff run 75 yards on a swing pass?  I don’t give a shit if he is  6’4″, 265 – I’d  take a shot at the pussy, and the C’girl defense is supposedly bigger/stronger than I am.  There’s flat-out no excuse for that.)

They didn’t play much better against San Diego.  Jason Garrett suffered a brain fart in the second quarter, attempting to pound Marion Barber three straight times over Leonard Davis at right guard from inside the one.  And was stuffed each time.

Then, after a Phillip Rivers interception, Nick Folk missed yet another  field goal, making it five straight (at the time) where he’s missed at least one attempt.  (He would go on to miss a chip shot against the Saints this past Saturday night, fueling speculation that he won’t make the trip to Warshington.)

(UPDATE:  Wasn’t that hard of a call to make – as expected, he’s done.)

Rivers would lead the Chargers on scoring drives of 75 & 73 yards, for a touchdown and field goal respectively, to put the game away after Dallas had tied it in the fourth.

Against New Orleans, Dallas – a prohibitive road dog – jumped out to a 17-3 halftime lead, then added another touchdown in the third.  Drew Brees led the Saints on two fourth-quarter touchdown drives, and was on his way to a third when Demarcus Ware sacked him and stripped the ball.  Anthony Spencer recovered, ending the threat, the game and NO’s bid for a perfect season.

MERLIN:  Weren’t you saying something to the effect of “does anyone really  think they have a snowball’s chance”?

VENOMOUS:  Soemthing like that.  Not the first time I’ve enjoyed being wrong like that, y’know.

MERLIN:  Point.

Others have said this, but I’ll say it again:  The Cornhuskers won the Big XII championship.  They simply got screwed out of it by a half-assed conference that couldn’t bear  to not see the TU Shrimpdicks in the BCS Championship.

(Some background, in case you either didn’t watch the game or have forgotten what happened:  With seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, and TU trailing 12-10, Widdle Coltie McCoy dropped back to pass, was rushed, rolled out and threw an incomplete pass out of bounds as the clock went to 0:00.  The replay official buzzed down to the referee and had 0:01 placed back on the clock, whereupon TU kicked a field goal.  This field goal was illegal, as I’m about to show.)

Here is a direct quote from what used  to be on the Big XII’s website regarding instant replay rules:

Article 3. Miscellaneous reviewable plays include:

a. A runner judged to have been not down by rule. (Note: If a runner is ruled down, the play is not reviewable).

b. A runner’s forward progress with respect to a first down.

c. Touching of any type kick by any player.

d. The number of players participating by either team during a live ball.

e. A scrimmage kicker beyond the line of scrimmage when the ball is kicked.

f. Clock adjustment when a ruling on the field is reversed. (Emphasis added – DV)

g. A fumble recovery by a Team A player during fourth down or a try and before any change of possession.

I, and a helluva lot of other Nebraska fans, are still waiting for the explanation of what call on the field was reversed that supposedly warranted a review of time left on the clock.

Now, there are some pro-TU Shortdick assclowns that are trying to claim that further down that list of rules, there is a clause that states – and I quote:

ARTICLE 6. No other plays or officiating decisions are reviewable. However, the replay official may correct egregious errors, including those involving the game clock, whether or not a play is reviewable. This excludes fouls that are not specifically reviewable (Reviewable fouls: Rules 12-3-2-c and d, 12-3-4-b and 12-3-5-a).  (Emphasis added – DV)

In the first place, this is the dictionary definition of “egregious”:

1. extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant: an egregious mistake; an egregious liar

There was nothing “extraordinary in some bad way”, “glaring” or  “flagrant” about an extra second running off the clock after pass went out of bounds at that point of the game.  Were that the case, time would have to be put back on the clock for each & every incomplete pass anywhere, anytime, during any football game ever played.  Ever.

No other call was reversed during that last play.  Hence, the Big XII was clearly in violation of its own rule in putting that one second back on the clock.  The game should have been over; Nebraska should have been awarded the Big XII title; Texas Third Pro Team™ should have had to slink back to Austin again  having failed to win the conference championship.

Oh, and you know where I said where those instant replay rules used to be  on the Big XII site?  Go there now and you’ll find the page fucking blank.  Nothing but a fucking link to an NCAA FAQ about “Football Rules”.

Almost as if the Big XII had something to hide, hm?

So, the Big XII pussies get what they wanted – their honeyboy butt-buddies in burnt orange in the BCS title game.  Where – and I’ll go out on a limb here – ‘Bama will kick their shortdick T-sip asses all over Pasadena.  You heard it here first.

And where does TCU get to go?

TCU, in their first-ever BCS bowl, draws the Fiesta Bowl out in Arizona.

Against Smurf Turf State™.  The same Smurf Turf State™ to whom the Froggies spotted a 10-0 lead last year in the Poinsettia Bowl, then went and kicked their asses up the field and back down, allowing only two field goals the rest of the way while scoring 17 on the Broncos in the meantime.

In other words, sportz fanz, we have already played this school once in a bowl gameAnd beaten them.

But because the Powers That Wish They Were™ don’t want the possibility of another Utah-’Bama Sugar Bowl debacle, they take the easy way out and schedule the only two non-automatic-qualifying BCS-buster schools against each other.

Somewhat akin to sending the little kiddies off to the corner table to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

Up until that point, I was a staunch defender of the BCS and the bowl system.  I would beat playoff advocates over the head with their shortsightedness over how they would determine playoff seedings, and congraulate myself for my ingenuity in destroying their argument.

No more.

Congresscritter Joe Barton (R-TX) is attempting to bring the BCS bastards to account, putting them on the level with “cartels” (of which type, I’m not sure, but no matter).

I hope to Hell™ he succeeds.  Enough with the big schools getting bigger, the NCAA haves continuing to get, get, get – and the have-nots being shoved aside like the thorn in WC Fields’ side. (“Go away, sonny, y’bother me…”)

The fact is that the best college football team in this state is in Fort Worth this year, not  Austin.  TCU could – and would – kick the T-sips’ asses all the way back to Weirdville, given the chance.  And it’s high time they, and other deserving schools, got that chance.

Bring on the playoff.

This week:  3-4.  Overall:  54-26.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Bowl Edition of the PFW.  I’m not sure whether I crank it out this week or next – depends on when the first team plays (and yes, HDD, Bucky will be included in the list).


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