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Once again, it’s the old saw about eleven-on-eighteen.

Wylie East 49, Mesquite Poteet 52

at TCU 24, #11 Oklahoma 10, Blind-Assed OU-Homer Zebra Bastards +7 (-7)

Wisconsin 70, #12 Nebraska 31 (at Indianapolis – B1Q Championship)

at Dallas 38, Philthydelphia 33

Dallas 20, at Cincinnati 19

at Dallas 27, Pittsburgh 24 (OT)

at Dallas 31, New Orleans 34 (OT)

Well, so much for Wylie East.  Kinda hard to win when you can’t stop anyone.  But don’t take my word for it – ask Rob Ryan.

Prior to last Sunday’s debacle against the Saints – another eleven-on-eighteen travesty on which I don’t really have time to expound – Dallas had won five of six, and (even in the loss) has actually been playing pretty well.  The light seems to have gone on in Dez Bryant’s head, and Tony Romo has been the beneficiary.

The line still sucks, but Jeremy Parnell has been getting extra playing time, and the light may have gone on in his head, too.  In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me next year if Dougie “Hah! Toro!!!” Free were to be shifted inside to guard, and Parnell installed as the permanent right tackle.

Brandon Carr is finally earning some of that $50 extra-extra-large (that’s million  to you folks in the Church of the SubTarded™) – he’s had a couple of picks the last few games, one coming against Pittsburgh that all but gave Dallas the win.

Carry this over into next year, have a decent draft with another corner/safety and maybe a lineman or two, and this becomes a very  dangerous team.

That does it.  I’ve seen enough of Bo Pelini.

The man goes into the Great-Coordinator-Shitty-Head-Coach Club™.  Right there along with Dave Campo, Norv Turner and Dave Wannstedt, among others.  Put the man in a big game – a bowl, or a championship game – and his team pulls the big El Choko act.

Bucky turned on the jets from the opening kickoff, and didn’t let up until it was already 63-17 after three.  The Blackshirts (really oughta be called the Whiteshirts, ’cause at least then they could wave ‘em as white flags) gave up 640 yards of total offense – 539 of that on the ground.

Lemme say that again.  A team that fired its O-line coach in September, pushed the Husker E-fense (once again, no D) around for 539 yards.

What an effing embarrassment.

This team has gone as far as it can under Bo Pelini.  If it wants to go to the next level, Bo should have been gone the next day.  (As it is, he’ll coach the Capital One Bowl game against Georgia.  And if the team that gave ‘Bama all it could handle in the SEC Championship does to NU what S. Carolina did last year, Bo won’t be there long after that.)

TCU was called for a phantom holding penalty on a Trevone Boykin touchdown pass that would’ve tied the score.

On a 66-yard scoring run, OU was not  called for a hold so obvious, even their own radio announcers couldn’t help but notice it.

Let’s get one thing straight, Sooners:  We kicked your ass.  Absolutely knocked the shit out of you.  You got given  that game, because the Big XII higher-ups decided you were going to win it so that you could have a chance to go to a BCS bowl.  (Of course, TU would’ve had to beat K-State for you to accomplish that – yeah, like that was gonna happen.)

Enjoy it now. boys.  The day’s coming when not even the zebras will be able to save your sorry asses.

This week (cough):  5-4.  Three PFWs achieved (one each for Dallas beating Cincy, Philthy & Pittsburgh, which were the only games on those respective weekend dockets (8)).  Overall:  58-32.

The PFW will return Friday for the Bowl Edition.  Assuming, of course, that:  (1) I have time to crank ‘em out, and (2) these machines don’t go belly-up again (keep your fingers crossed).


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