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The Department of Who The Fuck Do They Think They Are? weighs in this evening with a gaggle of goofballs in that which is rapidly becoming another Imperial Socialist Congress™ demanding that a United States Citizen™ humble herself and apologize for daring to exercise her rights under Article I of the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution.

That citizen?  Ann Coulter.

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No, nothing happened yesterday, eschatologically speaking.  No Rapture.  No demons being belched from the ground.  No Great Tribulation – although, to be sure, those events are coming.

Nothing happened yesterday because…(drum roll)…Scripture said it wouldn’t.

Consider.  Matthew 24:36 reads thusly -

“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”

Now.  All the predictions that Christ would come back and take His church yesterday had to be bogus – because it would have been too easy to predict.  God has a strange way of taking our boasting and throwing it back in our faces.  For Him to say that no man knows the hour, then have a bevy of pundits and quasi-pundits correctly predict the next great event on the Judeo-Christian calendar…

You get the idea.

So don’t be surprised about yesterday being just a boring, humdrum day.  You could have taken that to the bank.


Denizens, as you may or may not know, Phred Phelcher Phelps™ and his merry (?) band of hatemongers have been terrorizing (in a manner of speaking) funerals for our honored dead.  They’re claiming that they’re prostesting the soldiers who are fighting for a country that tolerates seems to encourage openly embraces homosexuality heterophobia.

(An aside:  I can’t disagree about our society having dived headfirst into the septic tank – but protesting those brave men and women who fought and died for Phred the Phuckhead’s right to make dickweeds of themselves is most decidedly not  the way to go about making one’s point.  Besides – has it ever occurred to any of their gonorrhea-infested brains that, should our enemy defeat us and force their Religion of Piss™ on us, their  lifestyle of “worshipping” Christ, etc, would ground to a halt in a huge hurry?  Somehow, I think not.)

Anyway, seems that the family of one of our own has just about had enough (hat time:  Misha).  They’ve filed a civil suit for invasion of privacy.

But in reading Misha’s post, one of the subsequent comments piqued my interest, courtesy of the SpatulaGoddessEmeritus™, Princess N@asha:

I think when that piece of shit Phreddy or his rotten cunt of a wife finally croaks (they’re pretty old, after all), I am going to show up at the funeral with a bottle of Champagne and start celebrating by dancing around, cheering, and mooning them. It’s my freedom of speech, dammit!

I think N@’s hit the nail on the head.  Payback’s a bitch, Phreddy, and we’re a pretty innovative lot when it comes to expressing our First Amendment-guaranteed displeasure.

Be afraid, Phreddy, be very  afraid.  You’re gonna die and have a funeral someday – as are all your inbred kinsmen – and karma has a way of coming back around, y’know?


Misha’s rant today is not to be missed.

In other completely unrelated news, Zed has asked Sam to marry him, and Sam appears to have accepted.  My heart is broken yet again.

And in Realm™ news, Alan Henderson’s blog is four years old today.  (Yes, Alan, you’ve been assimilated into the Realm™.  Soon as I get something remotely resembling a flag, you’ll need to update yer icons. (grin))


ARLINGTON – The Six Or Seven Of You Who Still Read This Blog™ are probably wondering what I meant by this.  And I’d promised you that I’d tell you exactly what the medical condition was once I got it under control.

Well, that hasn’t happened yet, but I’m gonna tell you anyway.

Since 1995, I’ve been a Type II diabetic – my cell structure doesn’t do a good enough job of absorbing the insulin my pancreas produces; thus, my blood sugar level is somewhat higher than it ought to be.

Through the magic of pills and exercise…well, pills (grin), I’ve managed to keep my blood sugar under control.  For a brief time in the early part of the decade, the Atkins diet had even allowed me to lose enough weight that I’d gone off the medication altogether.

Sweet.  (Pardon the pun.)

However, the last couple of years the diabetes had caught up with me to the point where I had to once again employ prescriptions in order to outpace it.

Now, this turdbucket of a disease has caught up with the prescriptions.  Right now, my blood sugar level is hovering in the 160s and 170s.  Not good.

Am I gonna have to start an insulin regiment not too long hence?  I dunno, but it’s not something to which I’m looking forward, should that be the case.

Will keep you updated.  As always, watch this space, and thanks for stopping by.


In NHL news, the Carolina Hurricanes have just defeated the Buffalo Sabres 4-2, to win the Eastern Conference Finals, 4 games to 3.

Carolina will now play the Edmonton Oilers in the Stanley Cup final.  Edmonton hasn’t been in the finals (if memory serves) since the glory days of Gretzky & Messier.

If you’re NBC (which contracted for the Stanley Cup finals), you’re committing hara-kiri RightAboutNow™.  Poooooooor NBC.

‘Course, the opinion here is that that’s what you get for foisting Will & Grace  on us for lo these many years.


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