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I hate today.  For obvious reasons.

Because of a self-absorbed bimbo like Stephanie Dawn Stewart Crager, this is one of a myriad of Father’s Days I’ll not get to spend with my son.

It’s now been three years since I last saw my boy, and seeing as Her Doublewideness is likely to get her way, it’s liable to be quite a few more.

My one hope is in the fact that she can’t keep him away from me forever, and neither can that jackassed family of hers.  If Skip is anything like his old man was, he’s got a curiosity streak a mile wide and a world’d diameter long.  At some point, he’s going  to seek me out.  Bank on that.  All I have to do is remain alive long enough.

So I will continue to sit and wait her out.  I can be very  patient when I need to be.

Anyway, guys, Happy Father’s Day.  Hope yours went better than mine did.


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