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If Al-Qaida wanted to lay waste to the shithole known as Miami, Florida, I don’t think I’d object right at the moment.

Just so long as they made sure to nail that fat-assed son-of-a-crack-whore-bitch Shaniqua O’Neal, that limp-wristed fucknozzle Dwayne Wade and the rest of those fucking thugs who just stole the NBA title from the Dallas Mavericks.

Go to Hell, Miami.  Fuck every last one of you bastards.

And yeah, Yolly – that includes you.


This one’s an Oldie But Goodie™, courtesy of part-time SpatulaCorrespondent Lady Heather.

It’s a little long, so you’ll find it below the fold.  Enjoy.  Tear-jerker warnings are in effect.

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