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Denizens, as you may or may not know, Phred Phelcher Phelps™ and his merry (?) band of hatemongers have been terrorizing (in a manner of speaking) funerals for our honored dead.  They’re claiming that they’re prostesting the soldiers who are fighting for a country that tolerates seems to encourage openly embraces homosexuality heterophobia.

(An aside:  I can’t disagree about our society having dived headfirst into the septic tank – but protesting those brave men and women who fought and died for Phred the Phuckhead’s right to make dickweeds of themselves is most decidedly not  the way to go about making one’s point.  Besides – has it ever occurred to any of their gonorrhea-infested brains that, should our enemy defeat us and force their Religion of Piss™ on us, their  lifestyle of “worshipping” Christ, etc, would ground to a halt in a huge hurry?  Somehow, I think not.)

Anyway, seems that the family of one of our own has just about had enough (hat time:  Misha).  They’ve filed a civil suit for invasion of privacy.

But in reading Misha’s post, one of the subsequent comments piqued my interest, courtesy of the SpatulaGoddessEmeritus™, Princess N@asha:

I think when that piece of shit Phreddy or his rotten cunt of a wife finally croaks (they’re pretty old, after all), I am going to show up at the funeral with a bottle of Champagne and start celebrating by dancing around, cheering, and mooning them. It’s my freedom of speech, dammit!

I think N@’s hit the nail on the head.  Payback’s a bitch, Phreddy, and we’re a pretty innovative lot when it comes to expressing our First Amendment-guaranteed displeasure.

Be afraid, Phreddy, be very  afraid.  You’re gonna die and have a funeral someday – as are all your inbred kinsmen – and karma has a way of coming back around, y’know?


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