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Well, all I know is that Texarkana Liberty-Eylau won, and the Cowgirls didn’t.

Dallas got a sack of Drew Brees on it’s first defensive sequence, then a 77-yard run for a touch by Julius Jones on their first possession.

Other than a shouldn’t-have-been TD catch from Widdle Terri Owens, this team mailed the rest of it in.  Was about as pathetic a performance as I’ve seen – on all sides of the ball.

(Yes, even Romo sucked.  You knew he was gonna have a bad game eventually.  It’s a pisser that it had to be against Dallas Southeast.)

And I’m sorry – the Saints ain’t that good.  Yeah, they’ve got a halfway-decent scene going for themselves, but they simply ain’t.  That.  Good.

Trouble was, the Cowboys abandoned the running game after that 77-yarder, and let the Saints back up.  And teams’ll kill you when you do that.

Last week:  1-1.  Overall:  55-24.

With all due respect to LC/Denizen RobertHuntingdon, I really need more than two teams playing (except for the bowl season) in order to have a PFW.  If there’s no f’ball (you bet) on Saturday, it can hardly be called perfect, hm?

The PFW will see you guys in about a week or so.


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