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Po’ widdle Roy Williams.

The Dallas Cryboys safety…well, him be a widdle upset ’cause the Cowboys dared to release his buddy, Aaron Glenn.

When asked if he talked to anyone in the organization about Glenn’s release, Williams said Monday, “Why, I’m just going to be preaching to the choir. It doesn’t really matter. They took care of what they had to do, right.”


Williams said Glenn was the Cowboys’ third-best cornerback.

“Yeah, most definitely, he’s a great cornerback for us,” Williams said. “I feel that if Terence [Newman] couldn’t play, Aaron would be the person that would have started.”

Don’t let that fool any of youse guys.  The fact of the matter is that for the last two years, anytime teams burned the Cowboys’ defense deep, the culprits were usually Williams & Glenn, as I chronicled here.  So now that Glenn’s gone, Widdle Woy Willie has no one to blame for getting burned in coverage ‘cept himself.

Welcome to Real World 101™, Roy-Willie.

Let’s launch the Perfect Football Weekend™.  Tonight, my (Fort Worth) Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets are at “home” (that is to say, a stadium called Farrington Field about three miles from campus) to take on the Birdville Buffaloes.  Birdville regularly manhandles Heights, and I don’t expect much different here.

Tomorrow, Turner Gill’s UBuffalo Bulls go on the road to play the Temple Owls.  Temple is one of the two teams UB actually beat last year, and the game’s at Temple this time, so look for a Bull bloodletting.  The Vegas line is Temple minus 3½, so as long as the Bulls don’t lose by 18 or more, we’ll count it as a win.

Also Saturday, everybody’s (cough) favorite poster-child school for GUN CONTROL NOW!!!!!1, Virginia Tech, comes into the Baton Rouge swamp to take on 2nd-ranked LSU.  VT has a damned good offense, so Bo Pelini’s defense will be sorely tested.  The line is the Tigers by 11½, but don’t let that fool you for a second; this may be decided by a field goal.

In addition, the Miami Hurricanes will come in to Norman to take on fifth-ranked Oklahoma.  These are not your father’s Hurricanes, as the program has slipped some in recent years, but this is no gimme for Bob Stoops’ Sooners.  The line is OU by 11; I think it’ll be a touchdown or less.

The marquee game in this  state Saturday will be down in Austin, as the 19th-ranked TCU Horned Frogs go up against seventh-ranked TU.  (Yes, I still despise Mack Brown – so yes, they still get called TU.)  Normally I wouldn’t give the Tadpoles much of a chance here (the line is TU by 9½), but the Cows are missing some people from suspension, and they lost one of their DEs to injury for this game, so there’s hope for TCU.

Sunday evening, Madden & Michaels will grace us here in Dallas with their presence as the aforementioned Cowboys take on the New York Football Giants.  New York no longer has Tiki Barber, and only got Captain Gap-Tooth defensive end Michael Strahan back for the game, but they still have a pretty good defense, and they have Eli Manning & Widdle Jeremi Schmucky Jeremy Shockey, so this should be a close game (the line is Dallas by 6).

We’re back Monday with the recap.  Now it’s your turn, LCs & Denizens – who wants to tell me how Michigan will respond Saturday against Oregon (aka The World’s Ugliest College Football Uniforms™)?


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