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Denizens, as we head into this episode of the Perfect Football Weekend, I have to ask y’all…you just knew this  was coming, didn’t you?

A retired New Hampshire doctor and school board member has caused an uproar with his proposed ban on high school football, saying the game is too dangerous for underage students.

High school football is an American institution, so when Dr. Paul Butler advanced what many people believe is a radical idea at a sparsely attended meeting in Dover, N.H., the former high school football player caused a commotion near and far.

“We have a moral imperative to at least begin the process of ending this game.” Butler told “Good Morning America.”

“The literature is clear. This is a dangerous game for children to be playing.”

Oh, the “literature is clear”, all right.  And disturbingly so, I might add.

We’ve let the Pink Pansy-assed Pusstard Brigade™ get a foot in the door, sissyfying the game to the point where it’s a major penalty for hitting a receiver too hard (“defenseless”, my ass), and if you don’t sack the quarterback just so  (tilt your head alllll  the way back and gently ease him to the ground so you don’t make even the slightest contact with said QB’s helmet, don’tcha know), that’s a 15-yarder, too.

What’s next – asking the running back for permission to go two-below?

Fortunately, the good people of New Hampshire – and others – still have a bit of brass left.

Critics of his proposed ban include the school board chairman and the local newspaper.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has even chimed in on the subject, describing critics of football as “pantywaists who want to try to take the risk out of everything in life.”

Butler admits that he lacks the votes to ban football right now, but given the mounting evidence, he adds, his proposal is a first step toward the inevitable.

Yeah – a pussified excuse-for-a-doctor-human being found in an alleyway with the shit beaten out of him.

Just sayin’.

Let’s get on with the football.  My Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets are on the field on a rare Saturday taking on the Southwest Raiders Rebels (fuck you, FWISD).

Southwest gave Aledo a run for its money last week (eventually losing, 8-24), so this is going to be a major squash.  The end of Todd Whitten’s AHHS coaching career can’t come soon enough for this scribe.

One hour after that starts, Gary Patterson’s TCU Horned Frogs will be in West Virginia for a matchup against the Mountaineers.

A few weeks ago, I’d’ve penciled this in as a guaranteed loss.  And the Tadpoles still might find a way to cough this one up.  But WVa hasn’t been playing all that well as of late, and it’s been established that they don’t have a defense (Baylor put 63 up on ‘em in Morgantown).

Vegas likes the Mountaineers at home by 4, so we’ll see.

Also today, 12th-ranked Oklahoma, fresh off it’s whipping by the Irish, get Iowa State up in Ames.  OU should be pretty pissed by now, and Vegas thinks so, too; they’re favoring the Sooners by 13.

The early game today has Bo Pelini’s 20th-ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers on the road against Michigan State’s Spartans.  State hasn’t been the world-beaters everyone in Lansing thought they were gonna be, but they did  beat Smurf Turf State, so…

However, Vegas doesn’t have a line on this game for some reason.  If I didn’t know better, I’d almost say they were expecting a squash.  (shrug) Who knows?

Liberty tries to get back on the winning track against Charleston Southern.  Presbyterian gave CSU a better game than they did the Flames, so I like Liberty here, straight up.  (Then again, I liked LIberty against Coastal Carolina last week, so what do I know?)

Sunday night Hotlanta goes to 8-0 as they obliterate El Choko and the Dallas Cowgirlz before Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth and a national audience.  This should  teach Owner Jethro what a real  football team looks like, but it’s Owner Jethro, so the message will go over his head, as usual.  The over/under on El Choko pick-sixes is two, so watch for him to throw three.

Bucky is off this week.

We’re back Monday or so with the recap.  In the meantime, the question for HDD is…when was the last time you saw Bucky lose a home game before last week?


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