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Denizens, there’s no story for the Perfect Football Weekend™ – and I’m running short of time – so let’s get to it.

My Arlington Heights Yellow Jackets, for the first time in recent memory, are not in the playoffs, so I can’t even do any “one-and_done” jokes.


So now it’s off to find a “hah skrewl” (a little Rush lingo, there) replacement.  Fortunately, the old standby is in place – whoever’s playing Sulphur Springs at the moment.

KORRIOTH:  Sulphur Springs?

MERLIN (whispering to Korrioth):  …hometown of Her Doublewideness…?


Right now, that’s Wylie East HS, and right now, they’re kicking the Wildcats’ asses all over the lot.  It’s 63-21 as I write this, Wylie East having just scored.  So it looks as if we’ll get one there.

Tomorrow, Bob Stoops and 12th-ranked Oklahoma will take their own potshots at what has become a sorely disappointing (to their fans, anyway) W. Virginia Mountaineers team – one that, at the beginning of the season, had bona fide  visions of a national championship.  I honestly expected WV to be better than this, but it turns out that the Mountaineers don’t have a defense this year.

Vegas has OU as an 11½-point favorite – and I think they’ll actually cover this time.

Elsewhere, UMinne-haha will get sacrificed to 14th-ranked Nebraska at Lincoln.  Vegas has Bo Pelini’s bunch as a 20½-point home favorite, so Taylor might only play the first couple of quarters, who knows?

Bucky, meanwhile, is going to get its head handed to them by The  Ohio State University, who just happens to be in Camp Randall for the weekend.  The Badgers are a 2½-point favorite, but I don’t buy that for a second.  Not with Braxton Miller playing.

Turner Gill’s Liberty U. Flames travel to Virginia for the last game of their season against the Keydets of VMI.  The Keydets are 2-8, so I expect Liberty to not have too  much trouble with them, especially after handling Stony Brook last weekend.

Sunday afternoon, the Dallas Cowgirls are at home to take on the Cleveland Browns.

Cleveland’s 2-8.

A very bad  2-8.

Lose this one, Jason Garrett, and you may as well start packing.

We’re back Monday for the recap.  In the meantime, my question for HDD is…does Bucky stand a chance against OSU?




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