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Fox News has reported that Mittens has conceded.  He’s now on my fucking TV screen, ready to snivel & piss away the last vestiges of Reagan’s glorious party.

Fuck you, you son-of-a-Mormon-bitch RINO.


Okay, guys, we’re here at the North Dallas Hilton in the mini-headquarters for state reps Dan Branch & John Carona.  We’re in one corner pounding away on the hotel’s wi-fi (thank you, Barron – give my regards to Paris, hm?), and we’ll be here as long as necessary.

Or until one of us passes out from sugar shock, take your pick.

22:14 – Fox News just called Ohio for Bambi.

That’s it.  Goodnight.

Saddle up, fix bayonets, lock & load.

Let the civil war come.

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


Denizens, I was going to have a piece my sister-in-law (aka the Sibling Unit’s™ Spousal Unit™ (grin)) had emailed me for you early this morning.

Wouldn’t you know it – we couldn’t find Mrs. Venomous’ voter ID card, and spent 20 minutes finding it, so there went that.

That said, if you haven’t voted – and you still have time – please, by all means do so.

And remember the adage I post every year about this time:  Vote for whomever you wish – just don’t vote Demoscum.

Good hunting, guys.  Let’s kick Bambi’s ass!

UPDATE:  If possible I’ll be trying to do some live victory-party blogging from Dallas GOP party headquarters in north Dallas.

Henderson’s with me, and we’ll try to pull Mitt through for ya. 


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