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(Yeah, it’s a rerun of a rerun of a rerun.  Of a rerun.  Et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseamBite Sue me, mkay?  I’m busy cooking. )

I first penned (penned?) this screed (g) on 11/17/01.  I thought it appropriate then (and still do), it being Thanksgiving and all, to jot down a list of those things for which I was thankful.  This year the tradition continues, below the fold, as usual with only a few minor tweaks to keep things current:

Aw, come on! Is that all you got?! >


Denizens, while we’re all recovering from our collective L-tryptophan stupor, there’s still football to be played, starting around 3:30 Central Standard Time.

Today, the Warshington Foreskins, with The Greatest Ever Quarterback Ever In The History Of Ever, Ever!!!!!™, ARRRRRR GEEEEEEE THREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!, come to the Death Star™ to take on the Cowgirls.

Usually, the Girlz feast on rookie quarterbacks – except thie year, of course.  They let Seattle’s Russell Wilson beat them, and they had problems with Nick Foles at Philly, too.  So Griffin gets another presumably easy task, where a piss-poor team makes him look like Mr. Universe.

Tonight, Gary Patterson’s TCU Horned Frogs travel down to Austin to (hopefully) kick the snot out of the Texas University Short-dicks Longhorns Short-dicks.  TU seriously isn’t that good, and they’re ripe for an upset, so I have my fingers crossed.

Tomorrow, Bo Pelini’s 14th-ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers are off to Iowa for their annual Black Friday tilt with – wouldn’t you know it – the black-shirted Iowa Hawkeyes.  Big Red is a healthy 15-point road favorite here, so Taylor may actually get a bit of rest by the third quarter.

Saturday, it’s the annual Bedlam game between 13th-ranked Oklahoma and 21st-ranked Oklahoma State.  For once, the game’s in Norman (after the last two years in Stillwater), so I feel a little better about this game than I might’ve normally.  But Vegas only has the Sooners as a seven-point favorite at home, so watch out.

Also Saturday is probably my last chance for an Executive Fiat™ win this year. as Bucky travels to Unhappy Valley to take on the (hack, spit) Penn State Nittany Pussies (hack, spit).  If Bret Bielema’s boys ever needed a win, this is it.  Don’t fail me, Bret.

We’re back Monday with the recap.  And it’ll be Monday, too, now that I’ll finally have some time to get things done.


Those of you who have read me for any  length of time – well, you probably knew it was coming all along, didn’t you? – but you know damned well what this is.

For now, click the link.  Go ahead.  Click it.  I effin’ dare  you.

And turn it up.  Waaaaaay  up.    )

That’s right, sportz fanz:  It’s vacation time for His Rudeness™.  A chance to Get Away From It All™, as it were.

Thanks to Bambi & his shitty economy, though, Mrs. Venomous & I are staying in town and not doing a helluva lot, due to the money just not being there.

MRS. VENOMOUS:  Ohhhhhh, don’t worry, sweetie.  We’ll find plenty  of things to do. (wink)


Vicar, General – you guys have the conn.  General…when you’re done chlorinating the gene pool of Twinkie-hating union goons down there in the Southern Command™, could I borrow another squadron of those black helicopters…? 


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