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Denizens, your faithful scribe is feeling a little burnt out – and, unlike some  folks who disappear from sight and don’t tell you where they’re gonna be (SpatulaGoddess, call your office), I feel obligated enough not to want to drop off the face of the earth.


I’m contemplating the PFW benediction, and at some point I’ll throw together at least a semi-comprehensive Year In Review for you guys.

I’m also contemplating a quasi-drastic pullback from everyday blogging.  No fooling this time – the medical issues you and I have discussed from time to time are beating me over the head, and crunch time is rapidly approaching.  Certain things are going to have to be sacrificed, and one of those things may very well be this nearly-a-post-a-day schedule.

(Which is not to say I’m going away altogether – just that everyday posting will likely turn into every-other-day posting.  Or somesuch.)

Keep your eyes peeled and your RSS reader (snort!) tuned to this very blog.



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