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(Hat tip to the SpatulaGoddess – long may she exude massive quantities of hawtness.   )

Item:  Ted Nugent wore a Confederate shirt to the Big Dickhead Perry inaugural the other day.  (And no, this is not to bash Ted Nugent – as long as Big Dickhead serves in any sort of public orifice, I’m going to call him that.)

Anyway, the NAA(L)CP is, typically, kvetching about it.

Gary Bledsoe, president of the Texas chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, has criticized Nugent’s decision to wear the shirt, saying it symbolized “the enslavement of African-Americans and more recently the symbol of hate groups and terrorists.”

Po’ baby.

Gary, son, perhaps we could revisit the Confederate flag issue if you people  would consider giving up the “X” hats.

Or the hubcap necklaces.

Or the pants worn so as to expose six inches of the Underoos.

Or the gimme caps worn at every odd-assed angle.

Or the FUBU gear.

Or the oversized jackets worn in 90-degree heat.



No, I didn’t watch the State of the DisUnion show last night.  Why anyone would want to watch a de-balled, spineless, limp-dicked excuse-for-a-President bow and scrape in abject supplication before the traitorous bunch of shit-for-brains asswipes known as the Imperial Socialist Congress (not to mention kissing the collective ass of Vinnie Fox, Calderon and the rest of the pendejo  invasion) is beyond me.

But I do find it instructive that the Demoscummic reponse came from that noted author of pedophilic kiddie porn, Jim Webb.

And I think that’s all you need to know about the Donktards.


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