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In my continuing grousing about the Stupor Bowl, My Infamous Wrath™ will now be turned on Roger Goodfella Goodell and the rest of the NFL goon squad.

Now they’re trying to tell churches that they can’t have Super Bowl watching parties.

Actually, I’d just once like to see the big, bad-assed NFL bully  just try to enforce something like that.  They’re essentially saying that a church can’t have a party where a game just happens to be on the tube – same as if I were to have a few dozen people over to watch a game on my TV.  (And I really  dare the No Fun League to come tell me I can’t have my friends over to watch the Super Bowl – if you do it, Goodfella, make sure you bring a bodybag.  Just sayin’.)

The NFL bans public exhibitions of its games on TV sets or screens larger than 55 inches because smaller sets limit the audience size. The section of federal copyright law giving the NFL protection over the content of its programming exempts sports bars, spokesman Brian McCarthy said.

Yeah, well – if the NFL has the audacity to broadcast the game on public, non-subscription, non-pay-per-view airwaves, they don’t really have much of a leg on which to stand, y’know?

Seriously.  I’d love to see them try to enforce this.  And if I were that church, I think I’d tell the NFL to go to…well, you get the idea. 


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